Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mom in the house....

I made it! Nine hours driving west on my own, and I did it. The traffic was not bad until I was 10 minutes away from my destination, then everything completely stopped. No one moved on a 4 lane highway. I looked around and began to count my blessings. I had XM radio and air conditioning and gas in my car. There were multiple cars sitting with their windows open to let the balmy 94 degree temperature in to cool them. It was a nasty accident and if I had pressed the car any faster, I could have been in it. Again, very lucky indeed!

I arrived 3 hours before the evening game, Buddy left for the field and I was given the grand tour of the hotel room and community. The room is actually a room and half designed for the extended business traveler. We have internet and sofa and desk. This would be perfect if I could use it. Buddy is currently sleeping on the sofa bed and I am in the lobby with a little league team and their families typing this note. I have to wake him up soon. His circadian rhythms are way off with the night games and college life. The way I look at it is....he is going to adjust his sleeping routine or I am going to be really friendly with the hotel staff as my new office becomes the lobby. On a positive note, the lobby has a plasma tv, printer and all the coffee I can drink.....a perfect blend of accoutrements designed for me!

Back to work...this blog has been designed by me to tell our story from my perspective. Therefore, all impressions are mine based on observations and conversations. Writing is a way to share the story of a kid and his family as he works toward his goals....the hard work, sacrifices, travel, and real life craziness that accompanies his quest to play baseball at the highest level. In life, baseball and the real world...things are not perfect, but they can be funny and teaching tools. Therefore, my view of all of this is to see it in a humorous light. There are no complaints, just a mom watching from the sidelines....ready to support her child when he needs it.

Right now, the little league team is leaving for their tournament. I do not want to go back in time, but those days were wonderful. When Buddy traveled at that age, he was like an old man. His view of baseball was business-like...preparing for battle...sleep...good diet...mental preparation....visual imagery...he was old back then...when these kids finish their game, they are going to the water park or pool. Buddy would not have liked that unless the tournament was relaxing until business has been completed and his performance on the diamond has been critiqued and analyzed. Let's see...what did you do well? What are your challenges? How can you prevent the errors from re-occurring? It's all part of the process of self-reflection and creating goals to improve. It's part of his mentality.

My greatest desire for the big kid is that if (and I do mean "if") his dream to play in the Bigs does not pan out, he finds something to do that he is equally passionate about and content in the outcome. He has to find an alternate to baseball to quiet his mind...right? I suggested that he writes his story and he likes that idea. Maybe he can take up ceramics or paint....perplexing.....

Got to battery is about to die.....

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