Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheesecake and batteries

It was bound to happen. My goal was to work to get Buddy onto a more stable sleeping pattern. I was determined for him to wake earlier in the day and be more productive. It was him or me....and so it goes....I slept later than I have in years. He has completely turned my clock around and now I am living in confusion. This won't do....

Today is the day when we move into the apartment and our last night in the hotel. I will miss the soft bed and pillows and ready to eat breakfast and coffee and semi maid service. It was nice while it lasted. Unfortunately, I am still missing some important items for the apartment, so we went shopping yesterday to finish. First, since Rip Van Winkle woke up, we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I haven't been there in years, so it was my plan to have my semi annual slice of cheesecake for dessert. It was yummy but way too much so I decided to bring it back for dinner. I couldn't wait. It is the little things like a half slice of cheesecake that has made the trip worthwhile.

It was really hot....burning hot....stifling...we walked to the in and cranked the start...just a few can't be happening...I am in the middle of nowhere with a car that will not start! I called dad then he suggested AAA. Good idea, mind was melting in the 100+ heat and so was my dinner cheesecake, I was not thinking right. I pulled the AAA card out and made the phone call. As I looked at the card and read the number to the operator, I turned into a massive ball of perspiration. The AAA membership on the card expired June 1, 2011! Don't panic....deep hot breath...keep reading the number, maybe they won't notice. Perhaps no one will notice when I finally get home and kill dad for not paying the AAA membership.

According to my friend on the telephone line, I had to wait at least 45 minutes for service. She diagnosed the problem as a battery issue and sent someone with a new battery for our car. I knew that 45 minutes really meant an hour and I was concerned about my melting cheesecake dinner. There is no way that it would survive in the heat. So I did the only thing that a desperate person would do....I sent Buddy into the furniture store with the cheesecake to sit there in the air conditioning until AAA arrived. He found a cozy sofa and curled up on it and took a nap while I melted in the heat. It was my only alternative to save the cheesecake.

Finally, my new friend Mark arrived with the new battery. First, he had to diagnose the problem, then put in a new battery as Buddy slept in the comfort of a 68 degree temperature on a $4000.00 sofa. He worked quickly and finished in an hour. Bless you Mark...thank're the best. While Mark worked, Buddy walked out to the car, apparently he was discovered and was sent packing. Mark was far from being finished....what did I do? I looked at my cheesecake bag and sent him back to the mall. I'll call you when he is done..go! Fast!

Finally Mark finished the job and the car started. As I looked at the engine for the first time ever (the car is 9 years old and has 150,000 miles on it), I noticed that one of the bottles of fluid was low. "Uh, this bad?" Mark smiled and said..."yep, especially in this weather..." With wide eyes and a pleading gaze, I said, "Mark, can you fix this too?" He smiled...."No, I don't carry fluid with me, but you can overheat..." Let's review this scenario....he's a mechanic for AAA. He carries batteries in case some desperate soul needs one, but he doesn't carry fluids for radiators? Do I have to run the world? Even I know that this can happen on a hot highway and my AAA guy should have all of the tools to save idiots like me.

With that said, I knew that my time with my new friend was coming to an end, so I handed him Buddy's credit card and looked for tip money. As I rummaged through my pocketbook, I found a 5 dollar bill, three singles, some sugarless gum, a pen, ripped envelope with a shopping list from Christmas dinner, and lip gloss (I thought I lost it). I took the little cash that I had and handed it to Mark....bless you....thank you....I knew that the $8.00 tip did not begin to express my gratitude nor was it even a decent tip, but I had no idea at the beginning of the day that I was going to need $20.00 to tip a AAA repairman to change my battery outside an Ohio mall in 100+ degree heat. I don't have that kind of ESP.

The car was running I texted the cheesecake....oops, I mean Buddy to come back to the car. Let's go....I need to find a place to add coolant before we overheat. Thankfully, by the hotel was a service station, and my newest friend Steve filled the bottle up and did not charge me (whew...I gave Mark all of my money, so I was pretty much broke at that point except for some change next to my newly discovered tube of lip gloss).

And so it goes...the life of BP mom continues with new experiences, new friends, and a freshly renewed AAA card. As I sat in our hotel room when Buddy left for practice, I reflected on the day and how well a bad situation worked out. It was time for my cheesecake. I earned it. I deserved it...I had a craving for it. I was hungry. I pulled it out of the little refrigerator and opened the carton and began to cheesecake melted and was no longer I did what any other person would do, I got a spoon and ate my cheesecake as a was still yummy!

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