Monday, June 13, 2011


Good morning. It was day 2 in the apartment. No baseball on Sunday, just errands. We picked up an air purifier and Glade plug-ins to mask the broccoli smell with a modicum of success. Needless to say, we both slept better last night.

After speaking to the Snake yesterday, I was promised that the cleaners and maintenance people would be here first thing today. I am waitinggggg.......I also requested (with vigor) that the manager show up to say 'hello'....I am still waitinggggg........

Until the apartment is sanitized, I refuse to bring food in. We will continue to eat out. By the way, the bill is being paid by the manager of the complex.

On another note, Buddy is not going to the game today. The team is going to bring 5 pitchers to each away game. He went to Kentucky on Saturday and can sit this game out. Instead he is going to continue to work out at the Y and find a pitching coach to train with once a week. It seems that this team is not going to 'develop' the players, it is all about wins. Therefore, his goal to develop another pitch this summer will be altered as he works out with a former MLB pitcher who was recommended by a local parent.

As we settle into the rhythm of the summer, we have one last challenge. That is, to find a decent Midwest pizza. So far we have had the worst pizza and cannot believe the difficulty in finding pizza that is edible. True, this is not New York, Philadelphia or Chicago, but come on....dough...tomato sauce and cheese....let's go people! Do I have to do everything around here? Pizza is one food that we enjoy eating, however, a thick doughy bread-like crust with catsup and cheese on it is not acceptable....

I am writing this note and have the Today Show on...there is a size 2 model who is in the process of getting liposuction. According to the plastic surgeon, most of his patients are thin women. What's the deal! The doctor is justifying this surgery on thin women as people trying to re-proportion their shape. At size 2, there is very little shape there anyway. Yet another way for plastic surgeons to make money, preying on women's insecurities. Will the lipo make a difference in her level of happiness? Perhaps....but if she is so out of whack at a size 2, she is never going to be happy.

Sorry about the rantings. I am still adjusting to the new lifestyle and waitinggggg for the service people to show up to make the apartment habitable. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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