Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bakin' for the boys

Hello! A breezy, beautiful day with the leaves changing in the northeast. The day could not be more perfect. It's time to celebrate!

Speaking of celebration, I was able to attend Zumba class today without crippling knee pain. Whaddya know? The surgery was successful! Actually, I did not go full throttle with the moves since I was babying the legs, but it was fun to be there for a change.

I have not heard from the big kid for a few days and from what Tink tells me, he is can that be if it is a football-free weekend on campus? Oh, perhaps there was no football, but there  definitely were a few parties going on. If the guy is tired, why is he staying out all night at a party or three? What ever happened to the statement: "I have gone to enough parties and met enough people."? Does he forget these famous words?

And so, I have not heard anything except he will pitch next week during a scrimmage and I have an invitation to attend....along with some homemade pulled pork, cupcakes, cookies, and Halloween candy. Let's not forget the baked ziti.....Gonna start cooking on Thursday with my new friends.

Who are my new friends? Well, I am glad that you asked. It seems that the quints who live at the end of the street have an affinity for Diva Dog and one of the girls stops by each day to walk her. Once she found out that I bake with my next door neighbor who is also seven, she has decided to participate in this action. So, on Thursday, I will start baking with my little girl friends. There will be no Merlot offered to the gals as we roll the dough for the cookies.

What about the quint brothers? Well, they are interested in Buddy. One little guy rides his bike to the house every day looking for Buddy. "Is he home yet?" This young fella is having a hard time understanding that Buddy will not be home until after Halloween. In the mean time, he stops by daily to look at his baseballs, bats, hats, and equipment. I give him a ball every day and he glows and runs home to show his mother. The kids watch for me to drive down the street, hop on their bikes, and ring the door bell. Then the fun begins as I look at my computer and work on my desk, sigh, and leave it for a later time. After all, I gotta hang out with the kids for a while. They call my house the 'big pumpkin' house as they take turns sitting on the big gourd.

And so, that's about it for the day....trying to get ready for a long work week....hang out with kids if they stop by and search for more baseballs that are going fast. Perhaps I will give out baseballs on Halloween as opposed to candy. I can start a new trend. Instead of sugary sweets, we can give out treadmills, tennis racquets, and cleats.

Have a great day!

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