Friday, October 5, 2012

Not enough money to be Broke

Hi! A gorgeous fall day in the northeast. I did not post this morning because I ran a few errands. Tink and I have had our eye on a very large pumpkin at the farmer's market, so I bought it to surprise her. Little did I realize that I would have to pay someone to put the pumpkin in the car AND to take it out. It seems that my little surprise weighs over 80 pounds. Fortunately, there were a couple of guys working down the street on a driveway and I paid them to take the gorgeous gourd out of my car and place it on the lawn. It's a real cutie...I wonder if Tink is going to notice it....hmmmm.....

On to the big kid....he called this morning and told me that his house was still being egged. Once again, I advised him to take photos and share the information to the police. They could catch the vandals in the act.  Yes, he took the photos and no, he is not going to alert the police. The actual egging is occurring to the back of the house and not the front.
  1005121012.jpgThis is an actual picture of the eggs and house.

Speaking of the house, the famous broken porch was fixed by the carpenter and he found that the boards were rotten. Therefore the guys are off the hook so to say and do not have to pay for the damages from the last blow out party.

For the next two weeks, the pitcher who was drafted by the Giants at the end of the season is staying at the house. According to the big leftie, he is spending money like water. He has a big BMW and lots of new clothes and shoes. He is picking up the bar tabs and buying the pizza and booze for the guys. His spending has made my son nervous. Apparently, he watched a movie called "Broke" last night and is concerned that this guy is going to spend all of his money and land up destitute. I told him to relax because he has not seen the bank statements and if he wants to treat his friends, then let him.

"Well, I am not going to spend money like this...I am way too cheap!" Bingo....he is kind of cheap, but he has to be since he does not have any money. I guess that he has been listening to his dad over the years. Don't spend money on what you don't need....don't spend money that you do not have....amazing....he listened....Broke, eh? How about saving your money so that you are not broke?

Although, I did share with him something that I had read in the Joe Paterno biography. Joe would tell his players: "Do you want three cars or a three car garage?" In other words, don't spend new found money on something that is frivolous rather on something that is lasting like a home or real estate.

With that said, I am going to try to find the movie Broke on television and catch what made my son so nervous. Perhaps the big kid is growing up. Perhaps the new found money that he sees his friend have has made him contemplate the meaning of financial solvency. I don't know...stay tuned!

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