Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Egg-citing times

Wow! What a few days we have had here! I got to see Cupcake twice this week as Buttercup needed someone to watch her. I begrudgingly said yes.....NOT! If I was seen begging my niece for the privilege of babysitting my fairy goddaughter, then I will deny it....OK, I did....I am not that little girl and her momma. Yesterday, she had on this very stylin' cap that Sparky's sister had knitted. What talent! I want a hat like this. I would wear it during the autumn season when my grey hair is showing. Actually, I should borrow her pumpkin bib too. There are days when I look down on my shirt and see the remnants of my lunch. If I wore a bib, I could eliminate the walking advertisement for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We have been having fun with Cupcake's photo at work. I took a picture of her in a pink convertible last week. My friend started to Photoshop the photo as she added a cell phone to her hand in one edited photo and a Starbucks coffee cup in another. I want to add sunglasses (or "Babes" as Tink used to call them), a cigarette, and motorcycle hat in the next photo. Unfortunately, I do not have Photoshop on my computer and can't do the edits myself. When I do, I will publish our Cupcake creations. Too much time on my hand? Or the lack of true motivation to get my job done? You can make that call....

On to the big kid....he is happy...he is sad...he is frustrated....he is mad....such poetry....

What's going on? Well, the landlord is sending the carpenter this week to fix the broken porch.

 The bill will be taken care of by my son and his dense roomies.

Also, it seems that there is an ongoing battle with their back neighbors as they egged the house last night at 3 am. There has been sale on eggs this month and the neighbors have bought crates of them. They then decide whom they will punish as they finish a night of partying. Naturally, Buddy's house is the target of choice on most nights. The vandals aim for the windows and let the eggs fly. Some of these kids are on the baseball team and therefore, their aim is pretty good. My son is peeved because he has to clean the eggs off the windows and is often awakened from a deep sleep (do not mess with this kid's sleep...ever!). Also, they never toss bacon...just the eggs....

There was another situation that I discovered on Facebook as someone....OK, stop reading if you have a weak stomach....'poo-ed' in a McDonalds bag and left it on his porch. This is beyond a practical joke. it is unsanitary and creepy. Even in the most drunken and high state, who would do this? I don't even mean leaving the excreta on the porch, but who would think that it would be very be funny to poo in a food bag? Ew....I have no BP mom words for this one.... just a stomach that is churning over the thought of it. the late Ray Kroc would not approve the use of a Mickey D's bag for this purpose.

And with all of these practical jokes, my fear is that it is going to get out of hand and someone will get hurt. Therefore, I have encouraged my son and his roomies to take photos while the house is being egged for leverage as this continues to go way over the line. The guys are looking for ways to strike back. I say: "let it go...don't let them know that they are getting under your skin".... So, take the pictures for evidence and use them with the police when you are ready....OK...sheesh....listen to your momma....she knows what she is talking about...I have seen a number of cop shows over the years and Starsky and Hutch would use their fists last and the brains first....right? How about Serpico? He was pretty smart! Magnum PI would never let the shenanigans get out of hand like that. After all, they are using poultry to make an offensive statement and vandalize a perfectly nice college house. They gotta cut it out. After all, eggs do not grow on trees. Stop getting 'egg-cited' about it. You'll only have egg on your face and not just the windows.

Time for me to work. have a great day!

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