Sunday, October 28, 2012

In and out

Whoa! What's the deal? We have Sandy on her way and everyone is nervous. My classes for Monday and Tuesday were cancelled on Saturday night. What are they expecting? This morning, I was out early and could not believe the number of people in line for groceries. I needed a few things for dinner tonight and barely found the spaghetti sauce. Yesterday, we needed a few things at Home Depot AND all batteries have been sold. Lastly, I wanted to buy some bottled water for my little boy who has mono since dad and Tink never had the disease and they were completely out of bottled water. This is a big "huh"....Are we expecting a mountain of snow too?

The only thing that I worry about with the loss of power is not having coffee in the morning. That's it...very worries about television or computer's all about caffeine.

On to my baby boy who is sleeping as he continues to fight the mono and tonsillitis. Yesterday, he had the misfortune of watching the big conference game with me in our family room. To say that he was a bit salty about the turn of events is an understatement. Fortunately, he is home where I can watch his progress and keep an eye on him.

After all, momma is on duty. So, let's continue to explore the big kid's illness. On Wednesday, when he was officially diagnosed with mono, two very important  problems occurred. First, the doctor said that he could not run, lift, throw or exercise for six weeks. Besides feeling like poo, he had a meltdown as he thought about all of his hard work to return to his pitching and in one sentence, he was knocked back a year. To say that he was devastated was an understatement. So, when he called home in despair, I did the usual: "I am on the case. Come home tomorrow. We will let Dr. T take a look at you and go from there."

During the night, he got worse and could not speak or swallow. This is a very bad sign.

When Dr T saw him, she sent him immediately to the ER for IV fluids and steroids since his airway was closing. It took her 30 seconds to see this....Now, let's move to the ER, they admitted him quickly, started the IV, gave him steroids and pain medication through his IV.

He could not breathe or speak therefore, he had to text me with the information to relay to the nurse and doctor. A bit crazy....but helpful.....

After the medication took effect, he said that the school's doctors did not want to give him the steroids because if drug tested for baseball, he would fail.

Let's ponder this.....simply...if they did not give him the steroids, he may have died. Who the %$#U( cares if he fails a drug test with medical documentation that he needed the steroids to open his throat? I ask you...would the NCAA understand? Yeah, I think that they would. After all, he is not Lance Armstrong...he is a kid whose throat was constricting.

Once again, this is another strike against the good health care at the university. I am ready to go to medical school and set up my own practice. Perhaps health care would improve. It absolutely needs to change. I wonder about the critical thinking skills of some of these heath care professionals. What the heck?

I guess all of this means one thing...we all have to stay vigilant when it comes to the health care of our loved ones and ourselves....question authority.....and never be afraid to ask for a second opinion....

Off to Zumba....

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