Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never, never, never give up

Good morning! I am sorry that I have been away from the blog but I am teaching a double load this month and my students are demanding (rightly so) my time and energy. I barely have time to squeeze a walk in before class starts. This is the way that I prefer to schedule my fall to create open time for the spring to follow my favorite ball player around the country. Therefore, I only have a few hours each week to devote to personal projects.

Enough whining....this is a no whining I try to get Tink out of bed. has to work today and is having trouble moving...was I this way at her age? Uh...probably....thanks Mom for being more patient that I am.

Ok, on to the latest news on the baseball front. No, the kid did not pitch on Sunday since he injured the bicep. Although he is feeling better physically, mentally he is a bit overwhelmed. He had Saturday's date circled on his calendar for months and was devastated when he could not throw the ball.

On Monday, the coaches had the meetings with each prospect to tell them if they made the team and where they stand. They were a bit perplexed as to why Buddy did not pitch all fall, so he explained that he did not want to throw for one inning and lose the momentum that he had with his rehab. The surgery itself was minor, but the rehab was extensive. They actually understood as the congratulated him for earning A's and B's this quarter....Huh?

Did he say A's and B's? According to the big leftie, the coaches were as surprised as I was to hear this momentous news. Like his parents, the coaches have watched grade fluctuations over the years and were pleasantly pleased with this change of fortune.

Could it be that our little guy is growing up and taking school more seriously? uh, nope...Could it be that he is actually interested in the classes that he is taking and is therefore more invested in his future? uh...nope....Perhaps he is taking cake courses and the teachers like him and are grade inflating....uh nope....

Here is my take on it....the kid is closing in on the life and reality. It is time to take things such as school more seriously. Parties and gatherings are fun and part of college....but then so are the grades, assignments, and courses. This guy is going to need a job in a few years. He cannot live in my basement and teach pitching until he is 90. He needs a big boy job, so it is time to put on the big boy pants, open a book, crank out a paper or two and get serious about life and his future.

And so it, school, and more school....Tink has to read a book called "Mockingbird" by tomorrow and is on page 8. Yikes, I have to use some motivation strategies to get her to open the book. What did I do for Buddy as he continues to pour it on in class? The answer is "nothing." I have not seen his report card since freshman year in high school. This has been on purpose. I don't want to see it. He is doing his best and the grades do not matter to me. What matters is a positive attitude and his ability to think through problems and issues. After all, this is what life is all about...we work through problems and make corrective actions when necessary. If his goal was medical or law school, the grades would be more important. Will I be reported to the Board of Parents? Am I shirking my parental duties? or have I come up with a better way to handle Type A kids, like me, who may not have the aptitude to be a straight A kid? After all, let's face it...the world is run by average people who are charismatic and charming. So, let's focus on developing a hard working attitude and a person who never, never, never gives up...right Winston Churchill?

Have a wonderful day!

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