Friday, October 12, 2012

Magna Cum Baseball

Good morning! A great day in the northeast and we have Cupcake in the hose. Naturally, Diva Dog has been replaced by a cuter baby and she does not like it. Although, she will cuddle next to the baby and allow the baby to pull her ear while she drinks her bottle. It seems that Diva is quite protective of Cupcake.

And how is our little Cupcake? Well, she started to eat cereal this week and seems like a happy little kid. Right now, she is napping and all is well with the world. She also has her stylin' pumpkin hat on and is waaay cute.

Ok, whazzup in the world of baseball? Well, plans continue as the big kid will travel home on weekends to work with Coach T. "Mom, I have had enough parties and met enough people. I don't need this every week when I am trying to achieve my goal." Hmmm...very mature for an underage partying, baseball playin', extremely tired college student. This is parent's weekend on campus and we have not been invited. When I mentioned it to the leftie, his response was "I would rather that you came next weekend to watch the scrimmage. I will be pitching and want you to come."

Wow!  a personal invitation to come to campus and observe the fruits of his labors. I must say, it has been laborious. With the surgery, rehab, training, and practices, this guy has not stopped. I have never seen anyone more dedicated to a goal in  my life....which now brings me to a statement: "I was wrong."

Yes, I was wrong. One day when the kid was in high school, he was lying in bed during the afternoon. Frustrated, I angrily said to him that he did not have the discipline to play Major League baseball. In fact, he did not have the discipline to get out of high school. Kind of rough, yes?

Yes, it was. In fact, years later, he remembers that day and how angry he was that I had the nerve to talk to him that way. Ooops.

Well, you have to look at the day, time, and what he was and was not doing. He was lazy, inattentive, and making me crazy. I hated when the kids would just ignore what they had to do such as homework and projects. When I would ask: "Finished your homework?" The response would be either 'what homework?' or 'later....'

As a parent, it would drive me crazy....come on dude, get your act together....

And together, he did. He has as much drive and discipline as anyone who is an honors student at any ivy league university striving to complete and defend his dissertation. The only difference is that rather than be passionate about statistics, he wants to create his own kind of statistics in the ball park. So, I have had to readjust my thought process and be happy that he is happy with his walk in life. That is...not as an honors student striving for Phi Beta Kappa but as a student of the game of baseball whose goal is Maja Leaga Baseballa......

With that said, Diva Dog needs a walk and I have to go....have a wonderful day!

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