Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Ok, it is not even Halloween yet and there are Christmas decorations in the stores. I am still looking for a lighted spider to add to my Halloween decorations, and do not like my Christmas shoved down my throat like this. I prefer to celebrate the holiday in December after I have put away my pilgrims and pumpkins. Yesterday the radio station that plays all holiday music starting conducting a survey to determine when the listeners want to hear the Christmas songs. In other words, if the listeners answer the survey that they want to hear Jingle Bells next week, the radio station will begin its holiday playlist.

This is crazy. We are not even at the midterm point in our semester and I refuse to think about chestnuts roasting on an open fire although Jack Frost has been nipping at my nose with this chilly weather.

OK, on to more current events. The big kid has a new plan of action. It seems that he feels that his pitching coach has absolutely nothing to offer him as far as coaching is concerned. Whenever he asks for feedback, the coach says the same thing. Actually, he offers the same bit of advice to every pitcher on the team. Naturally, this frustrates Buddy to no end and therefore he has developed his plan.

The plan has several components which includes coming home every weekend, Coach T, and paying for local pitching lessons. I hope that the plan also includes purchasing a bus pass. I am not inclined to travel to campus every week as a shuttle just to drive him to baseball....kind of like the old days when he would be in the back seat and I would take him to tee ball.

The flaw in this carefully calculated plan is that Coach T has been MIA for the past month and has not been answering his texts. After his minor league team finished the season, Coach T has vanished. Where did he go? No one seems to know and my son is planning to get to the bottom of this disappearance.

He's examining all clues and facts and will begin to interview people who last saw his beloved Coach. Where can he be? The answer is 'dunno'. My take on the situation is that he has taken a long vacation or is in the Caribbean for a fall baseball league. Any way you look at it, the big kid will find him.

Thinking about his plan to come home every weekend after fall ball has me a bit puzzled. Will working out with Coach T really make a difference? Also, what happens to the Party House chaperone if he is gone on Friday and Saturday nights?
Will the rest of the guys party without him? Will the house have more damage? Will fights break out? Will there be more tossed eggs? What about the girl's gymnastics team? Will they attend the house parties without him? Who will unclog the toilet with a fork?

So many questions, so few answers....stay tuned!

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