Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Culinary Therapy

It's Tuesday! Why am I so excited? No reason...just had coffee and am on a caffeine high. Not much going on....the semester is now in a full swing and I have less down time than ever, but I try to teach a year's worth of classes in 6 months so that I can be free to attend baseball games anywhere in the country. This way, I am tired and stressed, but it is temporary. The fun begins in February in Florida (oh yeah).

This weekend is a biggie for the big kid.
He is going to be on the mound in a scrimmage and is having some mental misgivings. I completely understand it. After all, his physical therapist mentioned that all athletes who have had injuries go through an odd mental process as they have to get over the injury and perform to their best abilities.

Not that I am on this level, but I did struggle when I held a racquet again. Not so much physically, but mentally, I did not want to re injure myself. Likewise, I attended Zumba Sunday after months of not even considering attending a class. There was no way that I was going to bounce up and down on a knee that does not have cartilage. Yet, once I got my nerve back, I discovered that I can do just about anything but have to be aware of discomfort and not over do it. 

I am assuming that Buddy will go through this process too. Unfortunately, he is thinking that he is going to come to the mound and blow the ball past the batters. This could happen and all would be well....but what if it does not happen? Then what? Therapy? Physical and mental? Stress management? Guided imagery? Aroma therapy? Or should he just 'gut it out' and work through the thoughts that are going on in his head? Remember what Coach T says: "throw the ball as hard as you can....don't think."

Hmmm....I don't know...but I will be there for culinary therapy...that's right...all of the kid's favorites made by his momma.

Sure, Tink and dad will not be allowed to touch it, 'cause it's for my little guy. They'll get over it. After all, they have the pleasure of living with me and eating my food all the time. My little boy needs some home cooked meals to boost his spirits. And that is exactly what I plan on doing. I might not be able to throw the ball for him but I can certainly fill his stomach and add a dash of love.

With that said, I have a class to teach....enjoy the day!

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