Sunday, September 30, 2012

Details and more details

Hello Sunday! It's a beautiful autumn day and I am on a caffeine and sugar high. Yeah, I will admit it. I had vanilla vanilla cake from the Bakery and a cup of Starbucks coffee for breakfast. I think that I can finish this post, clean the house, and write a novel before the effects of the sugar-caffeine hit drops off in a few hours.

Until then, I can update you on details of the past few days. Detail 1: Bullpen Grandpop is home from his incarceration in the hospital and both he and BP Grandmom are tucked in safely in their home.  Yesterday, Tink and I stopped by as he had his nebulizer breathing treatment and we watched the end of a college foot ball game. He looks good. Although Grandmom looks tired! I guess that it is because he spent the time in bed and she slept in the chair next to his bed a few nights. Now, that is love and commitment!

Detail 2: No word from Buddy yet on the reply to his email from the landlord. Something fishy is going on here. In fact, I am sorry to say, I do not actually believe that the email was sent to the landlord. In fact, I think that the email is sitting in his "in bin" located in the corner of his brain. The logic is that he is thinking that if he placates us with "yeah, I did it," that we would drop the subject. Speaking of dropped, I do not want the mailman to drop through the broke porch. As far as the walls are concerned, I am not as worried. However, I am very concerned that some drunk bone head will fall through the porch and find himself a lawyer on the corner of campus who has been waiting for a juicy law suit. The lawyer will say: "these kids have no money. Let's go after the parents who have a few pennies tucked away (operative word is few) and take them away from them. Oh yeah, if you are permanently injured, perhaps I can send the crew to prison for a while....." Hmmm, the scenario is daunting....

Detail 3: The big leftie is pitching and now is concerned about throwing in a game. He throws to the catcher and has been progressing, yet he has not seen live action. His brain is saying: "Yikes! Can I throw in a live game? What happens when there is a batter standing in front of the catcher and umpire? Then what? Choke or thrive?" As far as I am concerned, he has to stop thinking and just throw the ball. He has been waiting and waiting for this moment. It is here. Use your muscle memory and new arm and let the ball fly. Challenge the batter, spit, breathe, visualize, get three outs, sit in the dugout, and spit again, and cuss....This is the life that you want....go baby go! Momma has faith in you and that crazy brain and arm of yours. Now hurl the ball and not your stomach contents. You can do it. Positive thinking...positive your fielders to catch the ball....I will be watching in the stands with my rosary in my hands....praying for the both of us to be calm.

OK, gotta go. Wildcat is holding a Silpada sale today in her home and there is a great deal of work to be done before leaving the house which includes hitting the treadmill working off the vanilla vanilla cake.....

Have a great day!

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