Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day: Time to Labor

When I said that I wanted rain yesterday, I did not mean that I wanted to build an ark. It's been pouring over the last two days and I am going to be more careful in what I wish for.....Is it possible that I had the power to create the deluge or water? What if I had these amazing powers of suggestion and Mother Nature, a kindred spirit, grants my would I handle this power as a tool and not a weapon?

Hmmmm....let me ponder this one for a second....


OK, off the top of my head...Mother Nature, I am requesting no more 100 degree days with 100% humidity. Not only is it bad for my hair and skin, but my mood suffers too.

Second, on important days such as weddings, proms, and outdoor parties....the weather should be a balmy 78 degrees with a gentle breeze and beautiful multi colored sunset.

Third, when I am on the beach, the water should be warm to touch, no jelly fish, and the green headed flies and mosquitoes stay in the woods.

Lastly, I like a little snow, but it is great when it snows after 9 pm and finishes at 2 am so the plows can come through and salt the roads...also, no now...not ever....

Sounds good to you?

And so, this is Labor Day, the weather is awful, and I have a number of odd professional jobs to finish. After drinking three (yes, three) cups of coffee, it is time for me to bear down and get the work done. I no longer have any tennis, trips to college, malls to cash in my 25% coupons on the clearance rack, or grocery store. It is time....inhale...exhale....

It's true that I have a hard time motivating myself to get going, but once I do, then I totally immerse myself in my it is time. I will be happy that I am finally being productive but my students are gonna cry...'cause I am going to obsess on them....yeah,'s time for Professor BPM to start to focus on her students rather than her tennis game and kids...I am back professionally....look out gang, I am officially on the job...

Enjoy the day!

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