Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cleaning up again

Hi! This post is a quickie since I have to catch a plane for my favorite state of Ohioooooo. I have to evaluate a program for the next three days so I should be out of touch....and out of touch am I after a 2 am wake up call....why, you may ask? Did someone die? Accident? Wrong number? Or could it have been one irate, sober young man who has an "open door" policy to his college house......

If you guessed the last one, you are correct and are now eligible for the million dollar prize at the end of the year. Yeah.....I was in a deep REM know the kind....all your muscles are relaxed and you are lying on a beach with a skinny margarita just having lost 15 pounds....yeah...that kind of sleep.....then it rang and rang....

'Lo....."I had to call someone who could calm me down before I blew up and hit someone...."

Nice beginning to jolt me away from the beach...and so, the nuts and bolts of the drama are in the outline below:

A. Police raided the party at someone else's house which started the evening.
      1. Invited the girls gymnastics team back to the house
B. The rest of the party came back to the house too
     1. Nice gymnast....really cute
     2. Making progress.....
     3. Liked her since frosh year
C. Party continues
D. One bathroom
E. Toilet overflows and water streams down the stairs and through the ceiling. Gymnasts scatter in all directions and leave the house.
F. Get the towels
H. Who threw the rock through the window?
     1. Come on...admit one? Rock flew into window by gravity
I. End table busted
J. No one helped to clean the mess in the bathroom or the empties around the house
K. Outside of house a mess
L. Party out of hand
   1. Two roomies do not care
    2. One roomie cares
    3. One roomie storms out after yelling at 100 people
M. Angry roomie calls his mom at 2 am taking her away from her skinny margarita and cool summer breeze.

OK, so you have the outline and can fill in the blanks. I let him calm down and said in a very matter of fact way: "Time to put your big boy pants on and go back to your house. Take care of business."
And so it goes....poo, pee, vomit, sludge, gymnasts, broken glass, broken tables, and strewn trash....a successful party? Yes?

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