Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in town

Wow! So sorry that I have not been in touch but it has been a wild week! Really wild....very wacky!

So, whazzup?

Plenty! Bullpen Grandpop was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday night for pneumonia and has spent the week with all kinds of tubes and lines entering his body. He was given antibiotics and breathing treatments, medications, physical and occupational therapy, and oxygen. All in all, I think that he has gotten his money's worth. Bullpen Grandmom spent the night to keep him company. now that is love :-)

On Friday, Tink, dad and I traveling to the south to see the Southern Belle and Pop. They too have been not feeling well, so  we tried to not be intrusive and help out where we could. For example, the internet was wired wrong and dad took all weekend to figure it out. Tink helped to rearrange some cabinets, and I made a few pots of soup and went on long walks. One afternoon, Tink and  I walked to the town closest to the house. As many people know, the south is a nice place to live if you are an alligator or venomous snake. As we walked by a lagoon, a 7 foot alligator was turned and faced the path with his mouth open baring his teeth. He was three feet from where we were walking. I actually have excellent survival skills and ran across the street screaming like a baby who lost her pacifier. The gator turned and went back into the water. no meal for you, kiddo!
However, before we hit the spot where the gator "Spike" was looking for supper, Tink and I were starting to slow down since it was hot and we had already walked a great distance. Yet, once we saw Spike, we sprinted so fast away from him that we could have taken the gold medal at the Olympics. The burst of energy that one gets when they are faced with losing a limb or their cell phone is amazing! Last week a gator had to be destroyed per South Carolina law because he was too big. Upon autopsy, there were coke cans, tennis balls and golf balls in his stomach. Now that is not tasty...no wonder he wanted a piece of me....it would have been all fat...but I am sure that he would have enjoyed his feast, nonetheless....

Speaking of golf balls, I found yet another one in the back yard and it is time to speak to the neighbors. One window is enough. I don't want to replace another one. Come on, kid, get yourself to a driving range and smack the ball there. My house is off limits. After all, we do not live on a chip and putt golf course. And, the replacement windows are muy expensiosa!

What else is going on? Lots with our favorite leftie....although I don't have time today to get into it....meeting time.....Stay tuned...the following questions will be answered...
-How is the house?
-Have the guys been evicted?
-Are they celebrating Big Red's 21st birthday in a pub or backyard?
-How did Buddy do with his first day on the mound?
-Have any of the guys been to class yet?

Sooo much going on....peace!

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