Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to competition

Good morning....hope all is sweet in your neck of the woods. The good news is that Bullpen Grandpop is home from the hospital. He is at cruising speed recovering from the pneumonia still taking antibiotics and breathing treatments. Nurses and therapists are stopping by the house to see him and monitor his progress. The health care professionals are not the only ones going over to the house, so are family and friends. Two days ago, the two year old from across the street knocked on the door looking for the folks. He is in love with them and desperately wanted to see either  to say hello and perhaps grab an M & M or two. Sadly, Grandpop was still in the hospital. Now that he is home, the little kid can stop by and offer his best wishes. And so, the open door policy continues....Tink, Buttercup, Cupcake, da Saint, Big Sis, dad, Big M, Tuna, Uncle C, Lil A and Dr. G are just a few of the visitors to stop by and say "hey"....

And guess what? With the open door policy, the porch is still intact, the windows are not broken, and there are no holes in the wall (unless you count when nephew L threw a chair against the basement wall one Christmas when he was 7....the wall has been fixed....L now throws baseballs and not chairs).

That is what an open door policy should free flowing passing out in one's overflowing the toilet and digging out the contents with a fork...This open door means "stop by and say hi..."

In no way should the guest at the house take his or her fist and look for ways to destroy it. After all, Bullpen Grandpop and Grandmom have been living there for 50 years and yes, there have been broken windows and walls in which my brothers' heads have gone through. But overall, the house and the guys' heads stand in fairly good shape.

On to the big kid....I got a morning text..."have not missed a class yet this year...." It's still September, right? Impressive....or not...hey! I never, ever missed a class. My college friends wanted to kidnap me and take me to the beach one semester because of my perfect record. They thought that I was making them look bad. It wasn't about was about me. I was afraid that I would miss something. Since I am a visual learner, taking someone else's notes would not help me in any way. When I did miss a micro class, I asked a student for her notes and she refused to give them to me. "It wouldn't be fair for you to miss and me not to...." she said in the most "in your face" way....

Then she changed her mind and said that I could have them. I pondered for a moment...why should I take her notes when she really did not want me to have them....what to do? I took them. Yep, I was so peeved that she blew me off when I first approached her, that I knew that actually taking the notes would make her crazy...and it did...The notes were actually quite good.

And so, there are three scrimmages this weekend and we will find out how our leftie does on the mound in actual competition. Will he have his control? Speed? Accuracy? Stay tuned.....

Have a great day!

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