Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Ball

Now that the unpleasant business of hosting out of control parties for 200 of your closest friends is almost over, the notion of trying to make the baseball squad comes into play....

This weekend, cuts will be made. With 35+ trying out for 25 slots, there will be some unhappy ball players on Monday. Some guys are obviously not D-1 players and will get the ax. But there are others who have been bench players on the team for a few years that may also be cut. This is particularly tough if you are one of Buddy's room mates. Let's look at the drama that will be forthcoming....

All four guys except for Gopher have been on the team. Gopher was recruited and should be on the team if he is what the coaches thought that he was when they watched him play last year. On the other hand, Buddy is safe and sound and has three more years left of eligibility after his red shirt sophomore season...Sadly, California and Dog are on the "bubble" according to the leftie and therefore stand a large chance of not making the team this year.
Here is where the drama emerges....half of the room mates make the squad...the other half don't...besides being despondent, there may also be a natural envy that occurs. Hopefully, these guys can figure out how to get along when two of the roomies have a curfew and a 'no party policy' and the other two roommates do not.

Once again, there will be anger, resentment, and lots of fun (NOT!) in the house. How are they going to handle it? I don't have an answer since they are still trying to figure out how to live with one another this year.

What does BP mom do?  The answer is "nothing..." I will listen and offer feedback when asked. I also plan on helping him to figure out his emotions on the subject, since he wants all his friends and room mates on the team. It is going to be awkward if the two guys do not make it....another thought...what if three make it and the fourth does about angst! The guys won't be able to talk about baseball without hurting the other guys feelings.

Time to learn yoga, TM, and guided imagery....No one ever said life was fair.....Just take a look in the pediatric cancer ward....have a great day!

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