Friday, September 14, 2012

Hitting and throwing balls

Good morning! We are going to continue to have amazing weather for the next several days. How great is that? Now all I need to do is get outside. Although I first have to catch up on my house related issues, namely the shattered window, towel bar, oil change for the car, and dog's bottom.

On Thursday night, as we sat down to dinner, Tink, dad, and I watched our teen age neighbor practice his golf swings. He has nice form but a bad aim. Tink found another ball when she walked the dog yesterday. We have quite a collection. From looking at the bathroom window, it could be due to a defect since there is no sign of a ball striking it. The window shattered but did not disintegrate into the tub or on the lawn. It is still in its frame. 

And so, I really cannot approach the neighbor....although one day, I will return the balls in a gift bag with a note if the parents are not home to receive their gift. I am also going to take a picture of the window to hold on to....I am not annoyed...just perplexed. When we watched him hit the balls, he was facing his own home....he must have a wicked hook.

This morning, I had a interesting conversation with the big kid. Yep, he is exhausted. Late nights, parties, alcohol, and clogged toilets added to classes, work outs, rehab, assignments, and papers yield a cranky boy.

After having a mom-son discussion, he has decided that there will be no more blow out parties in his house and cannot understand why the room mates do not want to hang out with pizza and a movie. He doesn't get parents....booze....freedom....what is there not to get?

And so, he continued to speak of his journey and baseball goals. He asserted that his room mates will miss baseball and that they are not committed to keeping their quest to the MLB alive after college...but he is. Nice....He does not want to look back on these years with regret that he could have been more focused. Therefore, he is now over the party scene (unclogging a toilet with a fork always helps to put life into perspective) and wants to eat, sleep, go to class, and play ball. Let's see what happens.

On to LW's arm...he continues to play with less strength and a great deal of pain. Will the trainer finally stop him and work to identify the issue OR will they wait until there is permanent damage? Where are the folks? Why is he still's only fall ball....

Tomorrow, I have to drive to campus and pick up the kid to take him to a physical therapy appointment. The therapist may give him the permission to start throwing at full strength. This is what he has been waiting for since January. If all is well, he can begin to pitch next week.

Here we go....was the surgery successful? Is he ready physically and emotionally? What is fall ball going to look like? More questions than answers....more later!


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