Thursday, September 6, 2012

Frozen egg pops

Good morning! It's Thursday and I have started my looong day in class. Yep, 9 am to 3pm with no break except an inhaled peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  No big deal...I am very happy that I have a job as opposed to millions around the country who do not.

Not much going on....a very quick call from the big kid yesterday. it seems that he is always miffed at someone....and of the day is (drum roll, please) of his room mates.....

Yes, a room mate, not to be named had turned the refrigeration down so low that the kid's eggs froze. "I guess that I can't eat frozen eggs, right?" Ummm...yep....doesn't sound very appetizing...although people eat frozen bananas and that does not sound a-pealing! Ahhhhh.....

So, frozen egg pops were 'tossed' and someone was yelled at by a very large, unshaven, cranky tightwad of a person.

When I say "tightwad" I mean that he has never had to earn his own money before and now that he has actually held a job and understands how hard it is to make a living, well....he's kind of frugal. Don't get me wrong, he spends my money like he drinks Gatorade....but that's another story.

By the way, I had to chuckle....'cause this guy is learning how right his ole ma is....yep, that's right....Ma kept the yard neat from wayward red solo cups....always returned the beer keg on time.....took the trash to the curb....picked the weeds....kept the refrigeration at a reasonable freeze-free egg temperature. Naturally, he never listened when I said something but as he sees chaos, he realizes that he does not like it. In fact, he has the potential to become a neat-freak. This will happen with his first foodborne virus or cold or sickness. he will look around his environment and realize that they are breeding more germs than a petri dish. Suddenly, it will click and he will pull out the Clorox wipes to disinfect the bathroom and kitchen....This is my prediction.....

And is time for me to run to my first class.....inhale...exhale....have a great day!

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