Friday, February 1, 2013

Cry me a river

Good morning! It's a bit overcast in the northeast and my computer has shared that Buddy is living in 18 degree temperature in the mountains. I am not sure if the guys had time to order oil this week, so I will assume that he is warm. However, earlier this week, they were out. How does that happen? They are burning through oil as if they were a Ford Expedition. I must say that this year, this group of fellows is learning quite a few life lessons when it comes to saving, money, and spending what little they have on things that they don't need like beer kegs as opposed to things that they do need like oil. Just sayin'.......

I have not heard from my son in a few days expect for a stray text message or two saying that he was exhausted from training and school. OK, this is what he signed up for, right? Dad, on the other hand, has been in constant contact and has reported that Buddy is hating baseball right now, has not enjoyed it since senior year in high school, and is ready to quit. You know what I say?

"Wah, wah..." That's right....cry me a river.....why aren't I more understanding and compassionate? Why? Here's why....

This is his dream and goal. He has worked so hard throughout his life to get where he is today. He sacrificed parties, a social life, and sleep to climb this mountain. No one ever said that this road was an easy one, because if it was, then everyone would be playing Division 1 baseball. But this takes a person who is committed to their goals and will forgo all kinds of pleasures to achieve their ultimate goal.

So, now he says: "I think that I might quit."

Really? Really, son?  I was unaware that you were a quitter. As a matter of fact, you are the antithesis of a quitter. You are a guy who has overcome lack of confidence, coaches who would talk down to you, years of sitting on the bench organizing the bats in a line, heckling, online digs at you and your personality, Lyme disease, mono, shoulder injury, surgery, months and hours of rehab, and practices in the middle of the night. Now that you are officially back in the rotation, you are ready to quit. here is what I say....

"Suck it up...pick up your glove, tie your cleats, stretch, and get out there and throw...." This is a no-whining zone. You have made it. This is it. Put on your uniform, go out there and play.
That's it for today.....enjoy!

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