Wednesday, February 6, 2013

People do steal and cheat...and lie

Good morning! This is a quick one to update all about the diabolical plan to find the perp who stole the big kid's medication. Actually, there is no real plan, just a new wariness that we don't flash $1000 bills in a subway in Rome or demonstrate that we have a bottle of ADD medication in our backpacks. This is a new person who has come to the realization that there are nasty people out there who will lie and cheat.

Huh? Really? Mean people? People who don't give a hoot that this medication is not only expensive but necessary for concentration? Oh my! My heart!

Yes, the package that I had camouflaged was delivered and the contents were hidden in some shoe or sock or something innocuous that a person would not want to put their hands on...underwear perhaps? Anyway, he will carry 1 tablet with him on the days that he has class and tests. Otherwise, the vial is hidden. Ok, once again, this is another learning experience that the kid would not have absorbed with a causal: "Oh, by the way, people may steal from you. Don't be surprised. Just be cautious." That warning bit the dust long ago. Who would want to steal something from a 6'4" giant? Hmmmm...perhaps someone who is desperate?

Anyway, all is well and I am on my way out the door to being the day. I hope that you have a good one....Later!

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