Monday, February 4, 2013

Trucker's tan

Happy Monday! Happy Birthday to BD in Chapel Hill who is 29 again. She never ages....I need her secrets....

It's cold and I am thinking that the baseball season begins in two weeks in Tennessee. Why Tennessee? Uh, I fact, if I was in charge....the season would begin in the Bahamas so that I could begin my tan without lines. Get your mind out of the gutter. No nude beaches....I would have a bathing suit on, sun screen and a hat and be on the beach. Sheesh...

Usually by the end of the baseball season, I have what is known as a 'trucker's tan.' The trucker's tan covers half the arms and legs due to the shorts and shirts that a person wears. Since I do not watch the games in my bathing suit (oh God forbid), the tan evolves into an odd one including white feet where the sneakers begin and end. It's a look.....not a good one...but a look....

And so, how is our hero today? Hmmmm...well....apparently he called in a noise complaint at 1 am this morning since the house next to him continued to celebrate the Super Bowl into the streets and yards. They were a bit noisy as the partiers finished their 'case races'. You remember what the case races are....a team of three guys drink a case of beer as fast as they can to win the case race. What do they win? Uh...nothing except bragging rights. That's right. They can brag as they try to lift their heads off the pillow this morning to make it to their 8am class or not....They also win the rights to cut in front of the line to the bathroom as the liquid hits the kidneys. Often they don't make it so the backyard trees are used for more than shade (if you know what I mean).

So, he was salty today. But yesterday at the scrimmage, he kicked major butt in 2 and 2/3 innings with 1 hit, no runs, and one walk. Yes, the big guy is starting his season of domination without the coaches knowing.

Huh? How could they not know? Well, my son is under the impression that he is the low man on the totem pole and not well regarded by the head coach or pitching coach. They rarely make any comments or suggestions. They also rarely give any positive or at that rate, negative feedback. They are just ambivalent. And there is Buddy's issue. he wants to get better and improve BUT he has no guidance and therefore is quite frustrated. His calls home are to blast the coaches and threaten to quit or transfer. Sigh....

Here is BP ma's take on it....from a distance....these guys are ball players. Their teaching and coaching skills are lacking. They have no idea on how to develop the social skills needed to make an impact. My kid grew up in a system of constant feedback (this is what private schools do...they pay attention to their students for a price...a big price....really big). Therefore, he does not have the skills to ask for feedback or assistance since he never had to do it before....see....this is a conundrum.

However, he has had unengaged coaches in the past who never saw his talent and relegated him to the bench counting ants and working on his trucker's tan. So, I say....hey, this is nothing different. You have to go out there again and mow the other team down. Show them your stuff and as you continue to improve, the coaches will say that it was their coaching, when we know that it was your determination and attitude. Sure, get angry that they ignore you BUT use the intensity to your advantage. For example, when I am peeved with dad, my tennis game improves dramatically. Why? Hmmm....I'll let the reader figure that one out.

And so, on this chilly Monday morning, I have to get my act together. The work is piling up and giving me some agita.....time to either get the paperwork done or take a Tums.

Have a super day!

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