Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tossed under the bus

Hiya! I'm posting a bit late since I have been running since early morning. You see, it's dad's birthday and I did not have a gift or dinner items. So, Tink and I ran around town trying to prepare for the festivities. We were also picking up our provisions for the trip to Tennessee. Ok, I know, Tennessee is not a third world country, but I wanted to have the items that I need on hand so that I did not have to find a 24 hour CVS on the outskirts of town. I also did not want to pay $5.00 in the hotel for a little bottle of water. Therefore, I want to be prepared. Although, I must confess, even when I am prepared, I always forget or lose something....

Like the time when we went to Kiaweh Island for a week and I did not pack shirts for myself. Yes, it's true that I could buy a few there but at the time we did not have extra money  (not that we really do now, but I am bolder these days with the credit card) therefore no extra $$ for luxury items like a shirt or two. However, the kids and husband had everything that they needed.  Hmmmm...then there were the family parties that we traveled hours to get to and I forgot my dress shoes. I did have sneakers but they did not match my dress so I squeezed into another person's shoes and hobbled around the party. And so, even though I think that I am organized, there will be something very important that I will leave in my office or garage. That's it. I am prepared to forget. The only thing that I cannot forget is my Mastercard. If I lose or forget that, I might as well just jump out of the car window.

Although, when the kids and I traveled to Italy for a canonization one year, Visa refused my request to pay for the hotel room in Florence. Yes, I contacted them before I left to tell them that I was traveling in Europe, but the message seemed to get lost. THEN Visa would not listen to my pleas in Italy to pay and would only respond  to dad who was working at home since it was basically his card. It gets better....while still waiting to check out with my new friend at the hotel desk, I had to find my husband  long distance to straighten things out. I was not in the mood to stay in an Italian jail for running from my bill. Consequently, it took two hours but we got it straightened out. Let that be a warning to all travelers! In the meantime, we had to hang out in the lobby of the hotel while dad and Visa made peace.

On to baseball....Oye! OC was cut by the coaches last week. He was devastated. Who wouldn't be? The coaches did offer him the opportunity to be a manager/coach and he took it. In the meantime, he now sits in on private coach's meetings and has tales to tell his roomies. For example, another poor kid was cut last week and the coaches met with the former player and parents. It seems that the session did not go well and as the kid was stating his case, he shared private information that he knew about the other players. He spilled his guts about Angel who is a bit of a drinker. Then he continued with his story and told the coaches since Buddy was best friends with Angel, he too was a big booze-hound. His point was why are these partying players on the team when this kid, who is not a huge partier, but definitely has some issues, was cut? Whew, glad that I was not there. Kids are going to throw anyone under the bus, turn on the ignition, and drive on top of them if it means that they will have the upper hand in any discussion.

And so, it's time for me to finish my work. Got another pile of papers to create and process. This is crazy for a person who is not formally in class until May. No rest...If anyone thinks that being a college professor is fun and games and all a person has to do is stand before a class and preach...they are wrong...really wrong. I am never going to catch up...ever...so I might as well get used to it. As the saying goes: "God gave me so many things to accomplish in my lifetime. At this rate, I am never going to die..."

On to birthday cake...

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