Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My own boss

Good Tuesday morning! Tink just left for a job preview at a local assisted living residence. My fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed for her. If all works out, she will have more regular hours, an opportunity for advancement, and she can take courses toward her degree! Go Tink!

Yesterday, the two of us did something we never did before....ever....Yoga....that's right...stretch...ummm, ohs...and so on. Breathe in...clear your mind (right...)....I kind of liked it. In a way....I got to lie down on my mat most of the time and stretch. I like when  person can exercise and relax at the same time.

As far as the big kid is concerned, he is pitching to the team today. The coaches are furious about the weekend's poor play and they instituted a loser's run. In other words, the players ran until they dropped. Then the coaches set the line in the sand and announced: "These players are safe...These players are fighting for a travel position...." Guess who has to fight?

Yes, I'll give you three guesses and the first two do not count. That's right. The bullpen today in front of the team will determine if the kid is on the bus this week. Is he angry? Not going to answer that one....but here is what he did:

1. he inscribed the dates 2/13/12 in his cap to highlight the day that he was given the bad news. He plans to be more motivated to grab his spot and hold on tight. This date will inspire him every time he looks at it.

2. He took down last week's travel roster from the locker room and posted it in his own locker. Again...more anger...more motivation....

3. Dang! Do not mess with this kid. Do not get in his way, he can be scary...very very scary.

All of this has also meant something else..."Mom, I can never work for anyone else. I need to be my own boss." Gotcha...your own boss....does that mean Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a nice annual bonus, and a key to the executive rest room?

True, I have no doubts. This guy is NOT meant for corporate America or France...or anywhere. In fact, he is the kind of person who must call his own shots. Fine then, I'll help you to find nice office space with a fancy Keurig coffee pot, so that you can be your own boss. Got to give it to him...he knows himself....in fact, he's a chip (a large chip or maybe a chunk) off his dad's block. Dad cannot work for anyone else either...I guess this is generational....or crazy? Who knows. I will hopefully have a front row seat as I watch this kid use his passion for striking out the competition on the baseball diamond and courtroom. Hopefully, I will get a quarterly bonus and an excellent annual performance appraisal.

Have a great day!

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