Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peace of heart and mind

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day! The candy has been on the store shelves since the day after Christmas. Hopefully, dad will realize that a box of candy is a zillion Weight Watchers points and walk by it for a box of Kashi granola bars. Oh, how things have changed since my first Valentine's day......

Anyway, back to our hero and his story as he climbs back to the mound. Yesterday, according to the big kid, was the worst day of his life as the dust settled on not traveling with the team this weekend.

Heartbroken? Yes

Furious? Yes

Angry? Oh, yes

Ego and pride? Hurt and bruised......

And so, throughout the day, he spoke to dad over and over trying to get his poise back and his bearings. It didn't work. Then he was in the weight room and someone stole his ear buds for his iPod. Oye!

Here is the biggest kick in the stomach....the trainers gave the cool travel gear to all of the players who were traveling this weekend and he did not receive any of the gear. More than anything, this added a nail into his emotional coffin.

On the way to practice yesterday afternoon, he was in such a state. I tried to talk him down from the ledge but he was devastated and was emotionally blank. I asked him what I could do for him....I offered to drive to the mountains and take him to dinner. No....what can I do? Nothing, mom...nothing....

Oh yeah....well, as I finished speaking with him, I said, "I can pray for you and for peace of heart." It's all I can do.

And so, I hung up the phone and spoke to God. I did not ask for him to travel. I did not ask for a million dollars or the directions to the Fountain of Youth. I asked for my son's peace of heart. That's it. The prayer was simple but needed. And then I went back to work.

After dinner, the big kid called home and I gave dad the phone. I did not have any psychic energy left to deal with the turmoil. Within a minute, dad was laughing...a good sign...more laughter...a great is what happened soon after my prayer was uttered.....

The head coach walked up to him and shared that he had been thinking about him all day. Here is where he stood (finally, some accurate communication)....he is better than most kids on the team....the coach does not think that he is 100% yet and did not want to put him in a position where he would not succeed thereby damaging his progress. He will be pitching...he is to pitch before the team on Tuesday...and he has a career with the team. And with that...a bit of peace hit his heart until the coach uttered the words: "but the pitching coach makes all of the pitching decisions." ouch!

The pitching coach does not like my son. It's pretty obvious as he often chooses the LW over him during a tight situation in a game and LW loses the game for the team. The coach never acknowledged Buddy's stay in the hospital even though he texted him that he was admitted. He also has not scheduled him for a summer team nor communicated what he wanted him to work on while the team is away. It may not be in Buddy's mind that he is not the favorite son, but this is a team and this is what happens. At least he has the support from the head coach.

Now, is all well? Nope, not entirely. The big kid has a test today and he did not study because he thought that he would be traveling to TN. All I could do is suggest that he is honest with the professor and tell him everything. It's one thing after another....I think that I need a vacation or twelve (at least in my mind)....
Anyway, the team leaves today. I am not traveling to see the kid. He has too much to do. So, Tink, in all of her 'Tink-ness' wants to take the Polar Bear plunge in Sea Isle City on Saturday. You know what the PBP is, right? You jump into the Atlantic Ocean in frigid temperatures to make a point that you are a tough cookie. Therefore, since we are not in TN, we are headed to NJ. Hey, maybe Chris Christie will be there in his governor's blue fleece! Never, ever, ever, ever....a dull moment.

OK, back to work.....hope that you have peace in your heart.....if not, you know how to get it.

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