Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting ready

It's February 7th and there is no snow on the ground. Although I do see that our friends in New England are going to be hit with a big blanket of snow. That's right...lots of the white stuff...slick roads...skidding in your new tires.....then it all turns black and grotesque as the soot and dirt mixes with the snow. Ew.

Anyway, as we move closer to Valentine's Day, the first pitch of the season is scheduled for that weekend in Tennessee. I's not Florida or the Bahamas....I guess the travel budget was dramatically cut. Nevertheless, I have to prepare in my own BP mom way.

As most readers know, I have a process that I abide by for each trip and game. There are no deviations. Therefore, let's start with the lucky sneakers. it's true....I have them and usually buy them at the start of each season. There were games when Tink made me take them off since she thought that they were unlucky. Yikes, talk about superstitious! Anyway, I have the lucky sneakers already covered since I did not use the luck in the two pairs that I bought last year. That's right. This year, I have two pairs of lucky sneakers...double the luck. Now all I have to do is find them.....

On to outer gear...I was given a calf length down coat that should do the trick in subzero temperatures. During the first year of games, the coat that I had was nice but required additional layers to stay warm therefore I looked like the Michelin man as I tried to maneuver through the stadium. My arms never touched the sides of my body because I had so many layers on. When I walked, I waddled. Yeah, I wonder my son tried to ignore the fact that we were related in any way. Back to the coat, it's nice and toasty. Hopefully, I will only need two layers as opposed to four underneath.

As Tink and I walked through Costco this week, we found hand warmers and toe warmers. Yes, we bought a case of each. Ok, now I know that you are judging me....but let me tell you that the winds blow through you like a knife. Watching and playing baseball in the northeast mountains is no picnic. As a matter of fact, one game had to be cancelled because the snow flakes blinded the outfielders and the pitchers were slipping on the mound.

It's not like you are watching a game in Florida during spring training. It's like watching the Packers play the Lions in Wisconsin. It is unbelievably cold and I never leave the game until I know that the kid has played or is not going to play AND I never know until the end of the game since he is a bullpen pitcher!

On to other issues. Tink noticed that our favorite bagel place that we hit on the way to games has closed. This is devastating news. We loved, loved, loved the owner and bagel sandwiches even though they are 15 Weight Watchers points. However, this sandwich and cup of coffee (1 WW point) kept us full until it was Skittles (8 Weight Watchers points) time around 6 hours into our trip. Now we have to find an alternative. Got to act fast since Tennessee is coming up in the next ten days.

Last but not least....the cooler has been waiting on the shelf to be filled with water and fruit (0 WW points). The rosary is in the pocketbook. The map has been downloaded from Mapquest and the address installed into the GPS navigation system. We are almost ready for the umpire to yell "Play ball!" Do they still do that?

Time for me to get to work. It's a long day and I have to make my salad for lunch (2 WW points). Off I go....have a great day!

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