Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Highs...lows...nothing in between

Good morning! This will be another quickie. Apparently, Tink scored the job at the extended care facility and needs a urine test to check for opioids and illegal substances. Honestly, the only substance they will find there is a toxic level of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Otherwise, the girl is clean and hopefully employed  for a very long time.
The big kid continues his ups and downs...mainly his downs. Yesterday's pitching session did not go well at all (in his mind). Frustrated, he thinks of leaving. He thinks that he is in the wrong environment. He wants to transfer....quit...move on....He is down...way down...

 A mom can only do so much in this situation. And so, here is my speech delivered in the phone last night (a synopsis and rate G):

"You are on the way back from surgery. It does not happen over night. It's a process....a take time...hard patience....You have to get over feeling like a victim and become a victor. You must see things as they are...not as they are not. not more feeling misunderstood. You are not the first athlete to work their way back to the field or court. In fact....many more people have worse injuries and work their way back to the Hall of fame. The question is: 'is all this worth it?' If the answer is yes...then get down....don't stop until you drop....If the answer is 'no', then develop a plan of action and start to disengage from the sport that has given you incredible highs and merciless lows."

Who loves ya, babeee?

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