Thursday, January 30, 2014

A for apology

Good morning! OK, the whole country knows's cold...but it's actually much colder when you do not have heat. Yep, that's us. No in an ice box....I have to go into the car to warm up. We had to ship Diva out of the house while we were out today. Currently, she is with Tink at Uncle G's pad watching over a very sick Lil A.

What' up with the big kid...welll...its a never ending saga, isn't it? I started this blog to document the hard work and tough times that it takes to make it (or not, who knows). Anyway, I am so glad that I did .....'cause it ain't over....

Still smarting from his verbally abusive coach, the kid has continued his physical therapy and showed up at practice. Sheepishly, the coach approached him and asked him his arm was.

Then he gave a pseudo-apology saying that the leftie caught him at a bad time and he thought that he had been lying about his elbow. It seems that if a person blows out their elbow, it is not instantaneous but after a long period of time. The coach felt the kid had been hiding his pain from him. Again, this guy does not know my son at all. With that said, he gave a half-$3@^ sorry....and moved on.

The big kid accepted the accepted the apology...ME? Not so much...actually not at all. Yes, I know that I have to turn the other cheek. I get it. BUT I might be able to forgive this one and the chaos that has ensued, but momma ain't gonna forget it. No how..not now...not ever...I'll be sitting in my turbo powered wheel chair in my early 90's still remembering the verbal smackdown my son needlessly incurred at the hands of a tyrant.


While gumming my cold oatmeal, I will recall the day I ran to the campus to make sure nothing bad had happened to the elbow and the kid's psyche.

Let me tell ya', the lunch that I had with him made me want to cry. But, baseball mommas are not supposed to show emotion, so I kept the tears in that will someday come out like an erupting volcano....probably at the wrong time like during a major presentation in front of the Board of Trustees or the President of the United States. Who knows.

By the way, I received the 8 boxes of Girl Scout cookies yesterday and will not open them. One of my colleagues is selling them for her daughter...that makes the total 9 for the season so far and it just started. I am a former scout and cannot say no to these kids. They have a big spot in my heart as they incrementally take money out of my account for cookies that I do not need. Now, if they sold boxed wine, then I would be their biggest customer. Although rumor has it on the street that I bought the most cookies in the neighborhood. Do I get a badge for it?

Ok, I gotta work. I have  an interview this morning and have to prepare.


Take care...stay warm!

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