Saturday, January 11, 2014

Little boy-big dream

Good morning! I am a bad girl today. I skipped the work out. You want to know why? I'll tell you....Because I did not want to work out. Period! That's it. I don't want to and I am not going to. OK, perhaps that is not the whole truth. I will go later today. I just don't have the energy to leave the house right now and have too much to do now. But I will go later.

On to a very excited big seems that he has gotten to meet a World Series hero is the story.....

As I worked out with Tank at PT, there was a pitcher who was working with Buddy's PT. This physical therapist is actually in the PT Hall of Fame, written books, and works out with all of the top athletes in the world. They come to our tiny borough to work with this guy. He is a legend and continues to make a huge difference in the lives of these people.

As Tank was stretching the arm, I could see that this man was a pitcher and was pretty good when he threw in the tunnel. This got me to think....'who is he?'  He was wearing a team logo sweatshirt so I decided to do some internet digging....and found out his name and what he signed for this year (Millions.....millions.....millions....). When I mentioned it to the big kid, he knew immediately that he had to meet him.

Before returning to school tomorrow, he made it his quest to stop by to see his PT and then he threw me under the bus. Yep, he said that he knew about the pitcher 'cause his mom saw him. Sheesh. Thanks kid.

Anyway, the PT told him to stop by today at 9 am and he could meet him.

Meet him? You mean I can talk with him? Nice!

And so, a plan was hatched.....7 am run to the bakery....purchase 6 cupcakes and 6 muffins...bring them to the PT.....stand in lobby before pitcher gets a few questions....don't ask for autograph....don't bug him.....don't act like a tool....that's it....have a cupcake....later, bye....want to have a beer sometime? No, OK...

Actually, he did not ask the beer question. But I know that I broke a rule in the PT office....never take photos and never mention to anyone who is working out. I hope that I am not banned or made to place my arm in the ice bath too long as a punishment...

The conversation was brief but has a long lasting effect. The big leftie called me to report what had happened and here is what I could glean...

He wasn't overly friendly, but that was OK.
He answered his questions and told him how to lock in during the game and how to conduct himself between innings.

It was the most important advice he had ever received.

And now, he is at the Y, working out (unlike his momma), and will return home to write the advice in his journal.

As I look back on the kid's life, I have visions of going to major league games when he and his dad had to get to the ball park to watch batting practice. As a young boy, he brought his glove so that he could catch a ball. After batting practice, he would stand at the fence and scream for the players to come over and give him a ball or autograph.

In all of the years that he went to games, none of the players ever stopped and gave him a ball or signed his cap. He would mutter something about the players snubbing him and walk slowly back to his seat fuming. However, today, he spoke with one of his heroes and all of the times that the professional players walked by him were erased by the kindness of this one man as he spoke to that little boy with the big dream.

Enjoy the day!

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