Monday, January 6, 2014

lose quickly or win fast

Now it is raining and the snow and ice are gone until tonight. Sheesh....hey Mother Nature, make up your mind. In the meantime, our poor Diva refuses to poo in the snow, so I have her on lock down until she succumbs to my will. "Outside, Princess!" While she is with the kids, I have my head down looking for signs of disrespect. For example, I found evidence that she has used my family room as her personal executive bathroom when I took the tree down on Saturday. Yep, that little sneak.....

Granted, she does not like to squat in the snow, but long are you going to do this? Aren't you going to burst at some point?

OK, done with the dog and on to the return of normal living. I am trying to eliminate carbs and sugar from the house and start to count points again. It is tough with the big kid at home. He has different nutritional needs and has not adapted to the way dad, Tink, and I eat each day. he will be leaving next Sunday. Yep, I will miss the big guy, but I can see that he is ready to go and focus on the spring.

The first game is February 14 in North Carolina. I am pretty sure that although they are playing in the south, it is still going to be cold. Therefore, I will prepare by purchasing the hand, feet, and body warmers, pull out the minus 20 degrees LL Bean coat, long underwear, hat, muffler, boots, thick socks, and ski mittens that have a pouch for the hand warmers.

I often wonder if the guys feel the cold weather. Then I watched the Green bay Packers game last night and am pretty sure that they do. Despite running around in the frigid temperatures, they are still COLD!

When I played tennis in college (OYE! again? has relevance to this post).....we played in the spring and fall. We began practice in PA during the last week in February. Yep, the last week in February. And we had to hit outside and play outside. Yes, we were cold as our feet, hands and faces froze. Once the coach said to me: "Win quickly or lose fast. I don't care what you do." is that for a Vince Lombardi motivational speech. No "win it for the Gipper" for us. He was saying: "Hey, I'm cold. I am more cold than I care about a win. Just get off the court. I'll wait for you in the car." Nice. 

Back to today, I don't think that the big lefty's coach is saying 'lose quickly or win fast.' No, I am sure they are saying: "Get out there. Kick butt. Don't come back to the heated dugout until you have struck everyone out. If you don't get the three outs, then you walk home. No bus ride. No plane ride. You walk." Now that it is a motivational speech.

OK, now I have to return physically to work. That means....taking off the cozy robe, showering, applying make up, wearing clothes that do not have gravy or chocolate stains on them, and combing my hair. In other words, I gotta run.


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