Thursday, January 9, 2014

I like to party but don't like to party

Good morning!

Yep, I am feeling fine at this moment. Around 3ish, the body will begin to talk to me..."hey, what are you doing?" "Why are you putting on your work clothes?" "What gives?" "You did not get home last night until midnight....come more...."

Yep, I have a class tonight beginning at 5 ish for tutoring...then 6 pm start....10 pm finish....staying after class to answer more home...back at work by 8 am for a day long workshop. The body is not pleased with me. One more week, then all is over until April. I can make it...the little train that could is really the little train that does not want to but is forced to in order to collect a paycheck. Deep breath.....go grab a Starbucks and deal with it.

On to the big kid....he left this morning after he shaved and had a hair cut. His dad scored him an interview with the Admissions officer at one of the local law schools. Yes, that is correct. He is meeting with an Admissions Officer and seemed happy about it. In fact, he wore his best dark jeans with his black Nikes just to be a bit spiffy. The look that he was going for is: "I like to party....but don't like to party...." As I looked at him as if he had two heads, my thought was, why would you go to an interview wearing an outfit that screams "I like to party but I don't like to party?" Shouldn't you be wearing clothes that say: "I want to be a lawyer, therefore, I am wearing clothes that do not scream 'I like to party but don't like to party?''" Sheesh....wouldn't you like to stand in my kitchen when these conversations are transpiring? You would need smelling salts....

And now, I wait for him to return to share with me if the look was effective and the Admissions officer recruited him or told him to stick to cleaning garbage cans at the bakery.

Tink is getting ready to work at the grocery store. She has been on the self check out line and has an affinity for it. However, since it is by the door, whenever there is a gust of wind, the computers go wacky and have to be rebooted. The wind has added an element of excitement to the job, wouldn't you say?

Now I have to get ready for the day. But first, I have to ice the arm. Yesterday, I went back to yoga and strained the arm again. Back to Tank. He'll be peeved that I hit the yoga mat without clearing it with him, but I was feeling pretty good....back to the drawing board and sticking my hand into a big container of rice. Oye.....

Perhaps, I should stick to using my right arm only to change the channels on the television.....


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