Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Snow day!!! This is number two and I could not be happier....actually, I could see...

The $@!@4^^** snow blower is still broken. As dad says a number of times each day: "I can fix it."


Yeah, when are you going to fix it, Buster? June? Until then, it collects dust and not snow flakes. Poor Diva....she is really the one suffering through the weather. I can see it on her face as she peeks out the window, lifts her paw to her forehead and murmurs "SNOW! NOOOOOO!" Sorry, Diva, I have no control over the weather. Actually, I have no control over anything when I think about it.

The big kid checked in last night. He had another bullpen yesterday afternoon and made the statement that it is amazing how good their pitching staff has gotten since they actually had a coach who knew something about it. Accordingly, he had a good session and is pumped for the season. I believe that there are 26 days before the opening pitch. Now I have to get ready.

As regular readers know, I purchase a pair of lucky sneakers before the start of the season. The style and make do not matter. The sneakers have to 'speak' to me and share that they are lucky. Although, last year I did not purchase the lucky sneakers and he had a rotten season. I don't think that it was due to my sneakers but the fact that he was coming back from surgery.

Since the first pitch will be thrown in North Carolina on Valentine's Day, I probably will not be wearing lucky sneakers but lucky socks with my boots. I am not dissing NC weather but it is not warm in February. Hence, I am not sure why the team starts the season there rather than toasty Florida. Speaking of which, we are trying to score decent air fare to Tampa for President's weekend. I can drive to North Carolina but a trip down I 95 from the northeast to Florida is not written in my book as something that I want to do. Yet, if I must...I will.

After all, this could be his last season....or not...who knows. Therefore, I want to be there to support the kid with his highs and and downs...ying and yang....yo and yo..... BPM will be there in the stands listening to the post game report and share with him perceptions of the game. The questions that will be answered include the following:

"Yes, the shortstop could have gotten that ball."

"No, the pitch was definitely over the plate."

"Yes, you looked like you were int the zone."

"Nope, you did not have your stuff today."

"No, the umpire does not need glasses."

"You win games when the team actually hits the ball and score runs."

I actually have more platitudes in my repertoire, but the key is not to be dishonest yet see the positives. I will never lie to him and tell him that he was great when he was not. What does that do for him? Gives him a false sense of what he needs to do to fix what seems to be awry.  By telling him how perfect he is, I am doing a disservice. He has talent but inflating his ego beyond where it is is not helpful but hurtful.

A mom has to be the voice of reason but offer a critique by not judging and being honest mixed with a dose of love and compassion. Remembering the meltdown days of his youth has taught me a few things. First, there will be good days on the mound such as when he struck out 16 players but lost the game due to errors. Second, there will be horrible days on the mound such as when he pitched during the play offs and the other team scored 10 runs before the first out was made. Ouch...that hurt me too. It was a nasty game....Lastly, there will be times when he thinks that he can be 'the guy' and is not called upon to be that guy. However, he has to have confidence and a bit of know...swagger...If he does not feel that he can be the guy, he should not be in this business. He has to know (not feel) that he will strike out every batter he faces. Call it confidence. Call it crazy. Call it sports.

With that said, I have to put on the thick socks, ski pants, hat, gloves, and minus 20 degree coat and start to create a place for Diva to relieve herself. Ah, the joys of a snow day....hope that you enjoy your day!

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