Friday, January 3, 2014

You're going to hear me roar!

Happy New Year! Yahoo...2014....time to celebrate...really? Nah.

New Year's eve partying is for amateurs. If I want to party, I don't wait until 12/31, I can have people over or hit happy hour any time. Therefore, New Year's eve is just another day. Although the neighbors had a huge family party. The kids were riding the electric cars, carts, and scooters around the cul de sac in the dark. I had to text Buddy to be particularly careful coming home so that he did not clip a scooter or two. Once midnight hit, they started to set off fireworks in front of the house. Diva loved it....not! Anyway, they had a great fun and I have not seen them since. I believe they may be working on eliminating their hangovers.

On Wednesday, dad and I looked at the airfare for California and Florida. That's right. We are planning on flying to watch the big kid play baseball. Now, here is a difference in perspective and opinion......

I am certain....dead certain....uber certain.....have no doubts that this kid will either be starting games or closing them. No doubts....none.

On the other hand, dad wants to hold off on the airfare until he is certain. Huh? Where is your positive energy and thinking? This is the kid's year. I feel it. But cautious dad is not so sure. So, we wait and will probably land up on a flight that lands in three cities before getting off the east coast and naturally, I will be sitting by the bathroom.

Uncharacteristically, the big kid also wants to be cautious and not say much. Dude, come on. Listen to Katie Perry: "I am a champion and you're gonna hear me ROAR!!!! oh uuu ohhhh". Where is the swagger? Confidence? Planning? Goals? Lucky charms?


Am I the only one to see the writing on the wall? Perspiration and preparation equal success. This kid has perspired gallons of sweat and blood to prepare for this season. The Pitching doctor proclaims that he is ready. The pitching coach says that he needs to think less and throw bullets. The sports psychologist says he is ready....I know that he is ready to go....once he finishes the ABCs of Mental Pitching.....yeah, he is memorizing the book. Trying to overcome doubts, he is working on throwing and blocking out unwanted or unneeded thoughts. Can this be done over the Christmas holidays?

Hmmm....probably not. But, he is going to try....and try....and roar!

Ok, 'nuf said...we have lots of snow outside and Tink has to go to work. The snow blower is not working....great....let it sit there and become a planter for all it is worth. I'll decorate it with the remaining Christmas ornaments. I got to pull the car out and slide down the road.


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