Monday, December 30, 2013

Stick to your day job

Good morning! Is it? I think so. My nephew is outside clearing the autumn leaves and I asked him to take down my 'hokey' lights. Apparently, it is going to snow this week, so let's get them now. Yes, I do have young adults living at home who could take the lights in, but Buddy is in the south and Tink is currently in bed. I have to grab help when I can get it. You know what I mean?

Before I began this note, I had my coffee and began to google 'removing paint from a carpet'. Why? OK, fade to black.......

On to my latest faux pas.....

Yesterday, Dr G and I had a great idea to paint Lil A's room. Now that she is a tween, she no longer likes the baby stuff so we had the wonderful idea to paint the room sea foam green. Pretty, yes?

I texted Dr G on Saturday and told him to pick up the paint for a Sunday date. When he asked if I had the supplies, I laughed. "Nope, you have to get them."

And get them, he did.....he bought two cans of paint and a roller. That's it.

Arriving late Sunday morning, I inspected the supplies....Uh, don't we need paint brushes? Yep.

Uh, don't we need that flat thing that you pour the paint into and roll the roller? Yep.

Uh, don't we need more than 1 brush? Yep.

Don't we need a tarp? Yep.

It seems that the trip to Home Depot was for the paint only. The guy was clueless as to what he needed. To be fair, so was I.

And so, after three trips to area stores and prepping the sites where the posters ripped the walls we began. My job was to line the moldings with paint tape and paint above and below them with a brush. His job was to use the roller and paint the longer walls. On the other hand, Tink just sort of helped to do things....different things....I still do not know what.

As I bent over to paint the wall, I sheepishly said: "Hmmm, this is my first time ever to paint a wall."

He laughed...."Mine too."

Ooops. This is trouble. real trouble....The three of us called ourselves Moe, Larry, and Curly. Although they would have done a better job. "Hey Moe, do you paint in one direction or several?"

"Larry, I have no clue. Try both ways."

"Hey Moe, how many doctors does it take to paint a room?"

"Larry, apparently none. We should have hired a painter."

"Hey Moe, this is looking pretty good.....ooops!"

Yeah, then it happened. The paint splashed onto the carpet. Yikes! Quick, Curly, where is the turpentine? What? We don't have turpentine?

Quick, Curly, I need a clean rag! What? We don' t have any clean rags?

Quick, Curly, get Lil A's bath towels....and so it went.....paint everywhere. Hands, hair, feet, clothes, green painted socks were removed and tossed, and the carpet was ruined.....

Not under my watch. Quick, Curly, call BP Grandmom! Stat! And so, an "SOS" call went out to BPGmom as she gave us a home remedy to remove the stains from the carpet. The combination of white vinegar, soap, and warm water helped, but you can still see where where the stains are and I don't like it.

As we finished the room, it was time for us to go home and have dinner. All in all, it looked pretty good. The next step is to add some kind of finish to create an illusion of waves. Lil A is a surfing nut.

Ok, so, how do we create the waves? The reply was naturally to google it and watch a You tube of the procedure. Nice....

As Tink and I relaxed after a long afternoon of painting, I texted Dr G. Knowing that he was headed to Home Depot this afternoon for 'supplies', I told him to ask the paint dude how to get paint out of carpet. His reply was to prevent it by laying a tarp on the area. Sheesh...everyone is a comic....

And so, today, I will do my best to get the green paint out of the rug and create a beautiful mural of lovely splashing waves. Am I in over my head? What do you think? I believe that this is a 'one and done' type of situation. Both Dr G and I learned that we should stick to our day jobs.

Have a nice day!

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