Monday, December 16, 2013

Go go gooooo!

More snow...time to move....that's all....

Ok, kiddin'

I have not written for a number of reasons that pertain to multitasking. Yep, it's that time of the year. Yesterday's cookie fest V went off beautifully....although, I sat down for the first time in days yesterday and did not know what to do. So, I started to roam around the house until I dropped.

You see...cookie fest is a big deal in our family and I had to be ready. But I also had to work, which really throws a blockage in front of any holiday festivities. As I sit here now, I have nothing purchased, wrapped, or written for the season. And I have nine days left. My work week started this morning at 6 am and will end around midnight on Thursday. In between, I have to find some time to consider Christmas and Christmas Eve dinner, cards, and gift giving.

My thoughts are that this is not the way we are supopsed to be during the holiday season. I think that it should be more relaxing and reflective, yet, the pressures to be perfect are overwhelming. I don't even play tennis anymore, yet my time has been filled by something insidious...the time sucker....

What is the time sucker? Well, I don't know. The TS is hidden but it seems to get into the way of all great plans. Whether it is a student who is struggling with a concept or in need of tutoring or a car that has to be brought in to the service station for the 6th time in 2 months or a child who needs something that only a mom can provide, or snow that needs to be shoveled....the TS is out there. There is no stopping it. And so, based upon the knowledge that I have not yet walked into the store equipped with my trusty coupons, I am going to alert the world that it may be a gift card Christmas.

Huh? What? No, mom, no! You have to get out there....rummage through the racks....find the know....the big kid wears an XL....Tink is a small.....Ma.....the stores are open until midnight. You can do this. You train for it all year. No one has more experience than you do. And cookies....yeah, you know that you are going to eat all of the cookie fest cookies this week....we need more!  You have what it stop your whining and make it happen.......Go Go Go GOOOOOOOO!

Whew, thanks for that pep talk....gotta make it happen....go go go goooooo!

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