Friday, December 6, 2013

Good! Yep, I'm beat....beaten up.....want to sleep....still in to get going....too much to do....not enough time...sound like your life, too? Et tu?

I now know what people mean by TGIF. Since I basically work at an even pace every day, at least, I do not have to travel anywhere except for errands. Last night I got home around 10:45 after leaving at 9 am. As I walked through the door, my email on my phone buzzed five times from students who needed the answers to questions. Then the big kid called at 11 ish as I was responding to their questions.

As we began to chat, I opened one email from a young student whose salutation to me was "hey BPM'.....Actually, the name that was used was my last name. SO, there was no "hey Dr. BPM" "hey Professor BPM...."  no "hey Mrs BPM"....It was truly odd and I have gotten emails similar to this but usually there was something before my last name. Shocked, I asked the big kid if he ever used a greeting like that in an email to his know, the men and women who give him a GRADE on his report card. His response was "uh, nope."

Then I asked him if I should say something to the student or let it go. He replied: "You have to say something. You can't let it go."

Sigh....I really wanted to go to bed but had to address this student. Therefore, I sent a quick letter responding to the question and asked if she had intended to use the 'hey' salutation. After all, we speak of leadership and respect in class, yet I can tell that the majority have not gotten it yet. With the response, she seemed mortified and apologized. Actually, I could have let it go, but since this is one of my students, I have the need to set boundaries and be more formal. OYE!

On to the leftie....he had a meeting with the coaches who apologized to him for yelling at him over the past weeks. As they got to know him, they realized that he was mentally processing what they were saying rather than reacting. This is a double edged sword. In other words, he continues to do what the other coaches have called him out for....thinking too much. Yep, my kid thinks too much which I like because I have always taught him to think before he acts. Yet now, the coaches call this a detriment.

What do you want? A thinker? Or a doofus who throws the ball? Can't have it both ways. By the way, don't start thinking until you finish this degree, OK?

They also said that he was the perfect college player as his work ethic and grade point average were strong. He is the only player that the coaches have had to say 'stop training so much.' A good thing? Perhaps....I don't know in my sleepy state, but he is pretty happy about the meeting.

With that said, there is more to share but if I don't grab a bold grande Starbucks in the next 20 minutes, I am going to fall asleep on my keyboard.

Have a great day!

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