Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another snow...ugh....that's all....ugh...

Yesterday, as I glanced at a frozen driveway, walkway, and stairs, I had a vision of ruining all of the elbow physical therapy that I have undergone in the past three months. Yep, blown to smithereens on a lousy snow fall. Pretty, yes?

Pretty, NO! I was asked innocently by my neighbors if they could shovel for me for $30.00. Dude, you got your self a deal. Oh yeah, please carve out a path in the grass for Diva since she does not like to drop her bottom into the cold...but then again...who does?

Today, I have a final to give at 9 am. So, in order to be there on time with the ice on the roads, I left three hours early. You know what? There was very little traffic and even less ice. Therefore, I am sitting in the campus computer lab for another 90 minutes until the students begin to arrive. I suppose this is my obsessive compulsive behaviors  that pulled me out of bed so early.

How is the big kid? I believe that he is doing quite well. He earned a 97 on his finance exam making him one excited puppy. Of course, it was the second time that he took it. The first time does not count since he had surgery during the course and his professor did not see the big deal of trying to take notes with his non dominant hand while his left arm was in a sling and he was sleeping upright in a chair..

He is also excited because his physical therapist is working out with one of baseball all-star pitchers whom I cannot name. Actually, I could not name him because I had to look him up on the internet. Let's just say that he is a local boy who signed on the west coast for $5 million this year. Anyway, when I shared this baseball knowledge with the big kid, he decided that he would bring cupcakes to his therapist next Tuesday, meet the pitcher, and become his best friend. Oh yeah, they are going to hang out together too...Take in a movie or two, talk baseball, and play X Box. Those are his plans.

What actually will happen is he will bring in the cupcakes and the pitcher will be done with his therapy. The big kid will be out $10.00, yet his physical therapist will enjoy the red velvet cupcakes that he so thoughtfully brought.

And with that said, I have to sign off because I anticipate students gathering around me in a few minutes.


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