Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hand washing 101

Hello! Today is the day when I take my show on the road. That's right, I get to drive 89 miles on the turnpike to teach a class until mid January. The class begins at 6p and ends at 10p. Then I can return home. With that said, I have made my plans....yes, it begins with a Starbucks bold coffee and finishes with one of Tink's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. PB&J is my preferred meal on 'game day'. On multi grain bread, I only need a half sandwich to hold me the entire day. So, Tink, get out of bed, wash your hands, and make dinner for me, puh-leez!

Speaking of washing hands, Sparky, Tink, Baker, and friends went to happy hour last night and we had a lively chat about germs in hotel rooms. It started with me telling Sparky to remember her plastic sandwich bag for the television remote control because those things are loaded with bacteria. Horrified, I continued to share with her that the light switches were also bacteria laden since the cleaning people did not wipe them down. Lastly, another member of the group mentioned bedbugs and she was ready to jump ship.

It's true. All of it. And yes, I am a germ phobe, but as an educator, I have the need to share some of my knowledge with others. For example, after one leaves the rest room, do not grab the door handle, because there are people out there who do not believe in washing their hands. Therefore, a person can use part of their shirt or coat to open the door. Disgusting? Perhaps. Careful? You bet.

When I got home, the big kid called to report in. He is very very close to the dean's list again and is working hard to make sure that we receive another letter in the mail congratulating him on his high grade point average. Anyway, as we chatted, he mentioned that I 'ruined' hotel rooms for him. Ruined? Moi? Hey, I am a mom. I also have to share my knowledge with my children too. Once he came back from a weekend series in the south with a rash all over his body? Bedbugs? I don't know. The ER doc did not know either and hence he was placed on prednisone to eliminate the welts.

Grossed out? Probably. Dad told me that if I was too tired to drive home tonight, I should stay at the hotel next to the campus. After writing this latest note, there is no way that I am going to stay in a hotel tonight. Karma might come and bite me in the tush.

By the way, Sparky and Baker are headed to Tampa tomorrow and staying at a nice hotel. She plans on bringing a zip lock bag, Clorox wipes, and Purell. I might tell her to bring a flash light to check for the bedbugs, Now, have I ruined hotels for you too?

Gotta run.....

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