Sunday, December 1, 2013

Big Santa

Greetings! I am writing later than usual but I have a few moments before happy hour begins. Diva and I have been hanging out together today as I tried to put up some decorations. The semester hits me hard beginning this week as I have meetings, two classes on campus, and a third class to teach 90 miles from my home on Wednesday nights until mid January. We have several campuses and I was asked with a 'pretty please' to take a class at the last minute. Being a team player (don't laugh), I said: "really, me? whyyyyyy? There's no one else??? Seriously! Man oh man! I have seniority....what if I find someone for you? Come on...don't use those puppy dog eyes on me.....FINE...I'll do it this once and never again....'cause I am a team player. @$!*(%*

Yeah...a team player.....

Speaking of teams, I tapped into my home team today to  help carry decorations up from the basement and construct the 9-foot Christmas tree. Before the big guy left for campus, I had him put the star on top. It was crooked....'do it again, please'...

"Mom, it's fine...."

"no, it is crooked...move it to the left...."

"to the right......"

"back to the left...."

"Down a fraction....."

"I said a fraction...."

"Now, back up...."


"Hey, where are you going?"

Yeah, suddenly he had to return to campus in a rush. It's OK, I am happy, although the star is still crooked. Actually, the tree looks crooked too. Yes, I have had a number of crooked trees fall and break ornaments. So now, I have plastic ornaments that look like glass. That's what I think. I am sure that anyone who sees the tree will think: "Yuk...crooked tree...crooked star...plastic ornaments."

On a similar note, Thanksgiving newspapers are my favorite of the year because they have all of the sales. I did not plan on shopping until I saw him.....He was beautiful.....large....five feet tall....he talks too.....I had to have him.....I made a plan of action and knew that I had to get to Rite Aid before the end of the weekend to buy him.

What was I so enamored with? Ahhhh....a five foot tall Santa who sings and talks. OK, now I know that you think that I am crazy but he is just the most amazing find of the year. Last year I saw a big Santa at Kirklands and he was waaay too expensive, so I waited until the day after Christmas. By the time I got to the store, he was hoo.....

Then I saw a huge sleigh for the front of the house. But again....way too I waited until December 26th and guess what? Yep, I was beat out again by a better shopper.

With Big Santa, I knew that I would get him if I had to travel to every Rite Aid in the tri state region. Therefore, I stopped at my local Rite Aid and asked Tink's girl friend who happened to be working where the Santa was.....She looked at I stood there in my work out clothes....wet make up and a crazed look on my face...."Where is he??"

She stops checking a man out and pointed....and there in a box...on a shelf.....waiting for me was my Big Santa....I slowly walked over and could not believe my luck....he was there at the first Rite Aid that I stopped in....Then the manager stopped by and mentioned that he was the last one on the shelf. And actually, he was the only Santa. The company sent one to them since he had a small store. Who cares? I got the big man in red and am staring at him right now as he stands in the corner of my family room. He is sooo cool! The kids think that I am nuts, but actually, I believe they like the way I keep the excitement in Christmas for them. It's a joy for me. And I am happy that they enjoy when I act like a little kid over something stupid like a big Santa.

It's not like Big Santa is a car or pearls or diamonds...he is just....big Santa...

And now, it is time for me to think about making dinner.....or ordering out.....

See ya!

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