Friday, November 29, 2013

Counting my blessings and calories

Good morning! This is a quickie since I am in the office and have paperwork out the whazzoo. Yes, I am working on Black Friday rather than standing in a line outside the mall waiting for 50% of a Nike tee shirt that I do not need.

How was the big feast in the east? Well, pretty darn tasty. Everything turned out perfectly, although I spilled the gravy (again) in dad's car who was not pleased. Hey, it's a new aroma to embrace. Rather than using cologne, he can garner a neat smell by sitting in his car.

Anyway, all of the food was pretty good. Although Lil A and I mashed the potatoes and according to her palate, I did not use enough salt. Upon tasting them., she was right. I try not to use too much because I do not want to raise BP grandpop's blood pressure too high,  but the taters need more salt or something...even a stick of butter could not save them. Also, instead of using pork sausage, I tried turkey sausage which has no flavor hence the stuffing was a dud. On to the turkey...despite it burning my eyes and oven, smoking my house, dripping in the car,  and giving me a back spasms, it was quite tasty. The issue is now, why oh why does it seem that we have more turkey now than when we started dinner? It seems to have grown.

On to desserts....homemade pumpkin bread pudding with caramel and fresh whipped cream, homemade apple crumb pie, homemade (using fresh not canned) pumpkin pie, cannolis, birthday cake for Buttercup and Dr G, and cheesecake were on the table. OYE! I have to have a little of each, right? It's Thanksgiving, right? Knowing what was to come, my meal was tiny....yet when I left, I needed the crow bar to get into the car. Before desserts and coffee, I sheepishly made the announcement about the little lost plastic thing from my beaters as perhaps a door prize for the lucky diner. As of this moment, no one has choked. Also, I have not heard of any gastric distress except for too much food. And lastly, we had a marvelous day.

Special thanks to Big M, Big Sis, Dr G and Lil A for their hospitality. I would also like to thank BP Grandmom for her homemade and amazing soup and pies. Lastly, thank you to God for my blessings especially the one of the best families and extended family ever.....I am a very fortunate BP mom.....


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