Sunday, November 3, 2013

More sleep

Good morning! A blue sky with the gorgeous leaves on the trees and I had an extra hour sleep...nice...

It is a good Sunday morning as our bodies are out of kilter with the change of the clocks. This is the only time that I enjoy it although one of my students e-mailed me this morning and has to work a 13-hour night shift. Now that stinks! Actually, I do remember being on the night shift when the clocks were moved back and I think that I am still trying to work it out of my system.

I have absolutely no clue as to how the big kid is doing this weekend. Whereas it is true that he desperately wanted to come home this weekend and could not because of the lateness of Friday afternoon's baseball meeting....he has not called me to tell me that he is feeling fine or sick or tired or sad or sore or overwhelmed or anything....which leads me to believe that he is not that sad about missing out on homemade ziti and baked french toast. In fact, with the football team playing at home yesterday, he probably hit every tailgate party between his apartment and the stadium. By the way, he no longer has tickets for the game. He is content with either watching it on television or listening to the crowd from the back of someone's tailgate party.

Next week his posse from high school is traveling to one of the games and he could not be happier. I wonder if he is going to dust and vacuum the apartment and stock the fridge with gator ade and Budweisers? He is on strict orders not to do a pub crawl and drive. They can walk or crawl from place to place. I am not worried about him. He is too cheap to spend his money on getting drunk with the boys.


Yep, if it was my money, then he would have no problems enjoying a drink or two, but he is so tight with the money that he squeaks. Anyway, he has big plans as he shows the gang around campus. In his four years there, no one from high school has visited him...except for one big guy whom the team threw out of a party....more about that one at another date....

Anyway, I hope that he is enjoying his extra hour of sleep too as he finishes this semester. Oh golly, he is almost finished the fall semester, then he has one more and will graduate. Is it possible? I am going to have a college graduate in the house? Actually, he won't be in the house next year since he is headed to Illinois to play baseball as a turtle or some animal with a shell on it...And so, equipped with his degree and knowledge, he will be able to hang out in the bullpen with the boys and spit seeds, tell crazy stories, solve the world's problems, and watch the grass grow.

Will I be there? I am not sure. After all, he is now 21 years old (gulp) and I believe that he is ready to live on his own. So, I will visit on occasion and take a few PA or West Virginia games in and continue to write about our journey to the MLB.....

have a wonderful day!

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