Sunday, November 24, 2013

Organic and free range

Hey! You know what I have noticed this year? Well, I have noticed that formality and manners are gone in the newest generation. With my class of 20 year olds, they send emails to me that are addressed: "Hey, Dr. BP Mom....." That's right....'hey'...what happened to "Dear Dr. BP Mom"? Gone...out the window....Interesting phenomenon...they want employment, right? Once again, on Tuesday, I will have to squash the 'hey salutation' and share with them that employers like me prefer to be addressed by our professional names and not greeted with 'hey', 'yo', and 'uh'. Just sayin'

On to Confirmation...Lil A looked beautiful and so happy that her big cuz was her sponsor. She looks up to him like a big brother and he sees her as his little bud. So, it is all good. Although the bishop got her selected Confirmation name wrong when she approached the altar; dad said that it is written in stone and she has to go to the Vatican to change it. She laughed it off.....Although, she refused to have her photo taken with the Bishop after the ceremony saying that she was boycotting him for his faux pas.


The big kid chopped 20+ cases of apples yesterday and has 60 cases to go before Tuesday. I will stuff the pies for a few hours tomorrow and Tuesday, so I may not be able to update you on activities until Wednesday.


Yet, Wednesday is going to be a big day. Big Sis picked up the turkey yesterday, although I do not know how. He/she weighs 25 pounds and is massive. I needed a forklift to get him into the fridge. I made sure that he was humanely killed and organic, free-range, and so on. Big Sis says that she thinks so.

Why do I have the turkey? It all has to do with the pans that Big M has made for Thanksgiving. He wants to celebrate in his happy place, the Jersey shore. Don't laugh...Snooki and her pals live in northern Jersey. His house is in southern Jersey....big difference....anyway, Big M wants the family to come to his happy place. This is a great idea BUT they have one oven and we are talking about feeding the BP mom family. Why is this different than any other family?


Hmmm...let's see.....I believe that it is because we eat more, perhaps? Here is the way it goes.....yesterday, I created a menu and divided the activities among several of my family members. I am roasting the turkey, making sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, chocolate bombs, and cheesecake. The rest of the family has the other dishes. I figured that I had it set and delegated....yes? NO!

Last night at Lil A's Confirmation party, brother C says we have to have homemade soup, corn, and a pasta dish. Huh? Oye? We have to transport this food across state lines and find places to heat it up before dinner. Given my time management grid, I believe that we do not have enough oven space, burners or microwave time to put everything together and serve it hot. Therefore, some of our favorite dishes will either be cool, cold, or not served. Men! They do not understand the skill of creating a big meal for a large gathering and serving it hot after a person has had several glasses of wine or cranberry vodkas. They just don't get it ;-)


With that said, it is time for me to clip coupons, change into Zumba clothes, return home to work on  finding my lost electronic presentations, run to the grocery store, cook dinner, and find a quiet chair to crack open the box. That's right....quiet.....'cause I can see the future and it has Christmas tree, decorations, and outdoor lights on it. I know that I can do it.....I know it....I know it.,.....I know it!


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