Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dunkin Donuts Days

Good morning! It's cold and windy here and I am waiting for word on my car. In the past 3 weeks, it has been in the repair shop 5 times. Yes, that is one more than four and one less than six. Here is the story:

Over the past few weeks, the car has had a hesitation as I accelerated which could be construed as dangerous. As I dropped it off with my local repairman, he could not find the issue. Then it continued, I dropped it off two more times....he could not see or feel the hesitation. it was time to take it back to the dealer which I have hesitated doing since they charge me big bucks just to drive it through the garage door. They immediately found the problem with the computer and had to order a part which took four days. As the car was returned to me last Thursday, I noticed that the hesitation persisted and voila! I do not have my car again. Lucky for me that I have one of their loaner cars, but I really want my personal wheels back. After all, my seat is adjusted, radio stations are perfected, and my stuff is in my car. Please, please, give me my car back! And make sure that it is fixed before I drop on the ground and have a seizure or two. By the way, can you wash it too?

Whew! Is it happy hour yet?

I heard from the big kid and he earned a B in the big Spanish test. This is not bad considering he thought that he failed it in a big way. Then he mentioned that he plans on kicking major butt in the next test to bring up the grade. I like his intensity.....sort of.....

Will this intensity translate into anything big? well, perhaps....after he hung up the phone last night, he went to a field to throw his weighted balls, then head to the library. Intense? yep....

Although, he made me chuckle as he said that he eats a king size Snickers bar before he studies each night. Why did I chuckle? Well, in the old days, I would run to Dunkin Donuts, grab a medium coffee and chocolate cake donut, eat and drink, then start to write my dissertation. The sugar and caffeine got me through a number of hours at the computer.  There is something about the mixture of the two substances that can get my lazy brain to fire on a few cylinders. Now, my son's personal brain stimulator is a Snickers bar. He's a chip off his momma's block...I gotta say.

Today, I am loaded with work as the semester starts to wind down. The students are in a funk as the grades that they are earning are either scaring or encouraging them. In my major, they must earn a C+ or better in each major course to continue. This is scary for many of them. In grad school, we needed a 3.0 to graduate. Yes,  I was concerned but was able to aptly hit the target and graduated. Yet, when I finished my masters degree, I swore that I would never read again....ever...not a newspaper or book. I hated reading since that is all that I did.....after a period of time, I picked up a People magazine on an airplane and rediscovered my love for reading. But I remember making that vow of never reading again in my car on Market Street in Philadelphia as I drove to one of my last classes. I can still recall how my eyes would burn and I would fidget in the chair as I read articles, research, papers, and books. Ahhhh! It feels so good NOT to be in school anymore! Yahoooooo!

After I finished the dissertation, I never had a DD chocolate donut again. I won't look at them...won't order one. They actually taste greasy to me. But, in hindsight, I can look back on my DD days and be grateful for the concoction that got me through my doctoral studies.

Wow, I really went way off the mark on this post~ With that said, I have a mountain of work and papers to complete. No time for anything else except pick up my car if it is fixed. Please, oh please, oh pleaseeee!


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