Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finding files

Good morning! I am so sorry that I have not posted but this time of year is a bear in the academic profession. Thursday is my uber long day and Friday is a lost day. I cannot even move until noonish on Friday and lose valuable time. Further, with all of the papers that I have had to grade in the past four days, the mind is fried. lastly, I have to post four 1 hour presentations online by Tuesday and each time that I record, I lose the recording. I have gone to IT a number of times but they are not checking back with me so I am losing valuable time trying to figure out this program on my own as I should be just creating and not producing...hence my frustration and yes...aggravation. Is it too early to open the box?

The big kid is home, yeah! And he slept through four alarms this morning. I was the first one out of bed since I HAVE to get this done.....and now that he has overslept, let's say that he is a bit salty.....

He had lots of funny stories about the last few months of training and he looks fit, tone, and ready to throw. His arm does not hurt, but his legs do. Apparently, this week the guys had to go to the field at 4 am to run through something called Omaha. They were divided into teams and had to do some incredible feats of fitness like carrying heavy weights across a field on their knees; throw weighted balls over their heads, run around them, through again, run squats through a sand pit and so on. His team came in second after five days of grueling activities and again, he is salty. According to the big kid, he was robbed. OK, so what else is happening?

Hmmm...Tink is very happy with her job. If she works on Sundays, she makes $1.50 more per hour. Now that is an incentive. When she complained about bagging, I reminded her that she needs a college degree, 'cause right now, she is only qualified for this job. Like Buddy working in the bakery and seeing the big picture about completing college, she is learning the same message in the supermarket.

Diva is happy these days as both of her favorite people are in the house. OK, I have got to go. Lil A is being confirmed today and her favorite leftie pitcher is her sponsor, so I gotta shower and think about how I can somehow, someway find these files that I have created over the past two days and publish them to the online learning platform. If not, I will have to re-record and I DO NOT WANT TO!

I also promised Baker that I would help make apples pies this week and must create a Thanksgiving dinner and transport it to the Jersey shore by Thursday....and my own personal work is added and perhaps an hour or two of sleep.....Deep breath.....namaste......

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