Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Plans and plans and plans

Good morning! It is cold here. Yesterday, not so much....huh? Yeah....it is below freezing today which is appropriate for November. Yesterday seemed like a September day. And so, how do I dress for work? Who knows. By the way, I am happy to inform all interested readers that the fall clothes finally fit.

Yep, Weight Watchers worked like a charm. Now all I have to do is keep my resolve over the holidays, yet after meeting with Big M and BP Grandmom and Pop yesterday to develop the Thanksgiving menu, I realize that I have lots of hurdles to jump over next week to continue to be able to zip the pants post holiday.

Oh, the worries....actually, fitting into the fall clothes is not a big concern anymore. All I have to do is exercise and eliminate the sugar and carbs from the diet. However, as a food addict, this is pretty tough. I look at a cream puff and think...ahhhhh....with a cup of coffee in the left hand and the puff in the right hand, I could be on a sugar and  caffeine high all day.

On top of this addiction, I told the Baker and Sparky that I would fill apple pies and cut apples in the bakery next week for the holiday. Why would a sugar addict agree to it? I believe the answer is.....because I am a sugar addict...duh! Actually, Baker needs help and I am happy to comply. It gets my mind off of grading papers and teaching to a classroom where I see the sides of faces or the tops of their heads as they pretend not to look at their cell phones. They think that I don't see how they have tuned out, but mamma did not raise a fool. I decided that I would continue to teach for the students who give a hoot and keep their phones in their bags and laptops unplugged. This is why I am doing it and no other reason. Last week, the participation and attention was so weak that I considered taking a photo of the class as they had their attention on the computers and phones, send it to my email, open it in front of the class, and show them what I see in the front of the room as I teach. I believe that this would be an eye-opener for them as their attempt to look 'oh so  nonchalantly at their laps' does not go unnoticed by the pit bull in the front of the room.

Yep, the plans are made and all I have to do is work toward achieving the little goals for the following week. Lots of papers to grade....two courses to finish...three to start in the next week....a 4 hour class to upload....apples to cut.....pie crusts to fill...turkey....PT....side dishes....desserts.....big kid coming home....Lil A's Confirmation....

Big M wants to gather for Thanksgiving at his shore house in NJ. Whatever the big guy wants....the big guy is going to get. If he wants us to go to Alaska and cook turkey in an igloo with a Bunsen burner, we'll do it. Yesterday, I had the privilege of  taking him to his radiation and doctor's appointments. As you know, Big M has been part of my life since I was a teenager and I consider him a big brother and bestie, so I am happy that I can be part of the healing process. I also witness the strength of this guy as he battles this foe. Only 20% of individuals diagnosed with lung cancer make it through the first year. He is in year three. Yeah, that's what I am talking about...although, he has had multiple hurdles, he keeps jumping and we are all committed as a community to make sure that he makes it. Yesterday, I dropped a check off at the high school for him as he sponsored the annual play's program. When I handed it to the administrator, he asked how Big M was doing and then said: "I love that guy."

Yeah, we all do and as such will continue to fight with him in the trenches, foxholes, radiation, chemotherapy, and anywhere he needs us. By the way, Big M does NOT like attention or anyone helping him. He is a doer and giver, so this is more tough emotionally on him because he wants to give. After I dropped him off, he said: "Hey, I am going to buy you dinner...." Big M, believe it or not, I don't want to eat. I want you to be better....then we can go to the beach...hang out on the porch and drink your famous alcoholic concoctions that you have invented with cranberry juice, lemonade, vodka, and a splash of something that is yumm-y!

Uh oh.....It's getting late and I have to get ready for class and PT. I hope that you have a terrific day.


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