Friday, November 8, 2013

Enjoying the moment

Good morning! Special thanks to Wildcat from sending me a virtual note about my faux pas in class on Tuesday and made me laugh until I snorted. Yep, a snort is a deep, hearty laugh from a person who can only breathe out of one side of her nose. I actually can not help it and only surgery, which I am not going to have, will fix the deviated septum.

Am I scared of surgery? Hmmm.... yeah!

OK, what else is new? Well, I'll tell see, every time I teach my classes, my kids decide that it is time to call me. I have the phone muted but it vibrates and makes noise. When I check, it's one of them. Honestly, I am teaching three classes per week. Why can't they remember this?

Their memory seems to be flawless about other things like what they got in their Christmas stockings at the age of four, when I accidentally put Tink on the bus when she did not have school in the 5th grade and lost her for about an hour, and how Santa did not bring 'peace on earth' like Tink asked for every year on the top of her list. She also know that Santa never gave her that Dell laptop that was second on her list after peace on earth. And therefore, I know that the brain cells are firing in their heads. It is just selective when it comes to remembering that BP ma has a life outside of fulfilling their culinary and banking needs.

I had a nice conversation with the big kid on the way home from class last night around 10:30p. He has a big...and I mean BIG Spanish test tonight at 8pm. That's right...8 pm....this is preventing him from coming home this weekend. Further, the guys have left town for their homes or Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh? Yeah, apparently, there is a casino there and they are spending the weekend gambling and hanging out with their friends who attend schools there. I actually liked Pittsburgh when I visited it a few years back, although the region was dirty from the steel factories. With that said, he will be alone this weekend as the football team is also out of town. Whaddya complaints about anything will be forthcoming. Although, you never know, he could find something to be unhappy about.... After all, life is so unfair as he unwrapped the keys to a car last Christmas and giddily drove it until it could no longer drive. Then took over his sister's car and has been a happy independent college senior since....Yes, it is all so unfair.

Hey, on another note, Tink's first day in the supermarket was a great success. Yes, she was doing the 'paper or plastic' thing, then handing the bags to the 'guests' and thanking them for stopping by. As BP grandmom and grandpop and I snuck into the store to see some of the specials, we met a 'phan phave'...the Philly Phanatic AND had our photo taken with him. He's a big green thing who makes fun of just about everyone and everything and he talks! Yes, I thought that he was a silent mascot, but no....he actually speaks to people as he said hello to BP grandmom and grandpop. The Phanatic predicted that the Phightin' Phils would be a better team next year. he a prophet? Who knows.

Anyway, there was a small area in the store where people could buy a sandwich and have lunch. And so, we bought a hoagie, chips, and a drink and split them three ways. The entire meal cost $5.00. Before we entered the store, our Tink gave to me a $5.00 coupon. Therefore, our lunch was free! Yep! Nice! As we sat and chatted about the store, Tink, global warming, and the next presidential election (yeah, right), guess who went though the lunch area to the bathroom? If you guessed the Phanatic, you win a $5.00 lunch. Yes, apparently, the Phanatic needed to use the phacilities. We continued to eat and not really care about the Phanatic when someone other than the big green monster emerged from the rest room. Yes, there was someone in the Phanatic costume and he was not green. He is actually a guy in his 50's who was wet from perspiration and carried a very large tote bag which is probably where he stuffed his monster costume.

This was all to much to take world was off its axis....Tink has a job that she loves, Buddy is not complaining about fatigue and wants to come home to see his ma and dog, and the Phanatic is really a 50 year old man. What's next? Will I win the lottery? Nah, let's not go that far. Let's enjoy the moment knowing that something special happened this week as pieces of the BP family began to fall into place.

With that said, Diva is in need of a walk, and I am still in my fuzzy pajamas. What a sight for the neighbors....enjoy the day!

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