Saturday, November 9, 2013

You've got a friend in me

Good's a slow one and I still have my coffee in my hand as last night was a late one.

We attended a fund raiser for adults living with autism and partied with over 500 people. While dancing, and yes, I had a few vodka cranberries, Sparky in all of her loveliness videotaped it and sent it to the big kid in the mountains.

He immediately called his dad to report my inability to groove and wanted to forward the video to him. If I see it on anyone's Facebook, I will deny everything.

By the way, Tink was my designated driver and she did a terrific job.

Actually, we all needed to cut loose a bit with the stress in our lives and did it in a pseudo-healthy way....after all, I did have cranberry juice with my vodka. No boxed wine tonight, I think that my liver is tired.

As we settled into the party and danced the night away while losing every silent auction and Chinese auction that we entered, I began to loosely reflect on why we attend this fundraiser each year. It was started by my brother and sister in law after their son and my nephew was diagnosed with autism.

As he turns 21 this year, he looses all of his funding and services, and has no where to go. As a result, my brother has started this foundation to assist adults with autism as they search for ways where they can live with esteem, value, and independence. The night was a great success but the best part of all was when my nephew stood before the audience and sang "You've got a friend in me" from Toy Story. He is a great Disney fan and calls people by his selected Disney name. BP Grandmom and Grandpop are Mr. and Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins, Lil A is Lilo and I am Mary Poppins. Big Sis was Ursula but has been changed to another name. His dad is Jafar and brother is Woody. Guess what, in an odd way, we resemble these characters. And so, in January when he turns 21, they are going to have a birthday party and we are to show up as our Disney characters. 

Nothing else is really going on...although in a future post, I would love to have a dialog about the Miami Dolphins and the bullying incidents. I do have a perspective that will have to wait until the caffeine kicks in.

Have a great day!

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