Monday, December 23, 2013

I need trophies!

Countdown....2 days left...Actually, today is the last day to shop for me. I have minor issues which I cannot believe. Then I heard that everyone is rushed BECAUSE we had 6 less days to prepare with the late Thanksgiving! I thought so.....honestly, it seems like Thanksgiving was last week. Oh, was...

Ok, so, what is left? Well, I am going to walk on the edge and make another cheesecake for Christmas dinner. I will not pick up my fork to eat it out of the baking pan. Also, my little friend who lives next door is home from Australia. This is a long story, but her dad was transferred there for three years. They kept the house and moved. Yesterday, I found them in the supermarket. In between her gymnastics work out, she is going to stop by to make cookies. She loves hanging out in the kitchen with me and Diva. We make cookies, cupcakes, and eat the frosting. She is one of my besties AND she is 7 years old. Am I regressing? Nah, Lil P is a very cool kid. She started life after he momma  gave birth at mile 7 of the Garden State Parkway in Jersey. Yep, she never made it to the hospital, so Lil P has been blazing her own trail for 7 years. I could not be happier that she is home.

However, before the Lil P baking fest, I have to drive to Delaware and pick up the trophies for the annual holiday family ping pong tournament at Dr. G's. Keep in mind that his table is located in the living room. Lil A called me yesterday to ask about the brackets. Sadly, I had to tell her that I did not have the trophies. Sweetly, she said that she would make them out of clay. Then I felt really really bad. I let the kid down, so, some way, some how, I have to come up with ping pong trophies even if I have to take the big kid's baseball trophies from the basement and place masking tape on them marking them with 2013 holiday tournament classic.

There is a trophy store in Delaware that makes the holiday classic trophies. I have been up since 5 am waiting to call them on the phone and beg them to rush 2 ping pong trophies for me. The store does not open until 9:30 a (even over the holidays). What do you think? Will the manager take pity on me? Should I show him a photo of Lil A with and without the trophies? Am I nutso? Don't answer that last question.


By the way, the trophy store is near the biggest liquor store this side of Philly. No tax....big selection. Guess what? I am not going there. Trophies only. No booze. I can live without the boxed wine but can't live with a disappointed little kid. Ok, enough random thoughts. I have to point the car south and beg Trophy Man to slap the plastic labels on a couple of cheap trophies for Lil A. I will succeed.

Hmmmm....anything else? Well, let's see....I saw the big leftie for 10 minutes last night while watching the Eagles Bears game. He looked well and smelled fresh after his shower. Tired, he said that it was his job to scrape the junk off the stairs and clean them. Nice job. He liked it. No one bothered him and he sat while he scraped the crusted food off each step. Law school looks pretty darn good, eh?

In our ten minute conversations, we have had some head scratching moments. He asserts that all famous and successful people have big heads. Is this a prerequisite for success? I don't have a particularly big head, but he inherited his big head from his dad. So, maybe his contention is accurate. Look around....I think Mandela had a big did Reagan....Jay Leno definitely has a big head....Jimmy Kimmel's looks pretty big too. The big headed kid may be on to something....

Tink has been working every day at the supermarket  and is now behind the service counter. She has been trained to process returned items and can sell cigarettes if a person shows their ID. I think that this could be a promotion? Maybe.....

Time to run south....take it easy!

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