Saturday, December 7, 2013

This is why I

Hi! This is another quickie since I have Lil A and Tink and we are going Christmas shopping. But first, I had to process my see.....(fade to darkness......)

Tink and I decided that we would get up early and go to Sh'Bam class, Starbucks, then the church bazaar. So far so good for a December Saturday's cold in the northeast so I wore my down vest over the sweat shirt....Do you know where this is going?

After exercise class, I threw on my vest, ran out the door and headed to Starbucks when I got a call from Lil A who needed a Lil A-sitter since her dad had surgery to perform. "Yep, we'll get you after I hit Starbucks." Running into Starbucks, people stared at me....or was it my imagination? It was cold and I had the calf length yoga pants on, so maybe they thought that I was a beast.....After standing in line and grabbing the coffees, we zipped to get Lil A.

Now it I tried to put my cell phone into my vest pocket, I could not locate the pocket and finally it dawned on me....I have been wearing my down vest with the Talbots size L on my the Starbucks and now at Dr. G's house.   As Homer Simpson would say: Doiiiie!

Yeah, it looked like Tink had picked up her mother at the mental institution and took her out for a walk. Not does this happen to me all the time? Do I rush too much? Why couldn't Tink tell me that I had the jacket on inside out? Does she take great pride in seeing her mother look like she needs a net thrown over her head? Can I show up at the gym and Starbucks again or should I move to another state where I do not have to wear jackets?

I could blame it on leaving the house without having fully caffeinated myself, but no one will believe it. I either need my head examined or never leave the house again.

With that said, I will have to get my head examined because we are headed out to shop.


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