Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fabrication: Is it unethical?

News flash! From the BP Mom household: "The desire to start Weight Watcher's was thwarted in hour two as BPM finished off the chocolate caramels given to her by the Soup Nazi." That's right. It is not even New Years and I have blown off my post Christmas resolution. So what...I have more time.....sort of.....

Today is a big day! Yep, really big! I can spend my Kohls cash that I earned last week when I purchased all of the gifts on one trip. Thanks to BP Grandmom's 30% off coupon, I saved over $600.00 and earned $60.00 Kohls cash. Now that works!

I realized an important concept....that if you wait until the last minute, the department stores begin to give away their stock. Hey, I am not choosy. The kids do not need the latest toys or computer. All I have to do is find gifts that they can wear or use and place them under the tree. Gone are the days when I would open a toy store to grab a Fisher Price plastic castle that catapults play boulders off the roof onto the Fisher Price Pirates ship. Yep, that kind of frenzy is over....until I have grandchildren....then.....

I advise all readers to purchase Fisher Price stock, 'cause BP Granny will be on the job with her credit card in her hand and elbows out defeating the foe...another granny who wants the same toy for her bratty grandchild....Let me tell ya...the other granny will be struck down as I sprint to the plastic toy section. Speaking of which, those toys are indestructible....I wonder what happens to them. Are they melted down to re use or are they in a landfill (which makes me sad).

And so, the holiday is abrupt stop and it is time to reflect on 2013 and look forward to another year. As I look back, I broke another resolution and checked my work email. In the In box were the student evaluations from my classes. The ones that I was most interested in was the responses from the leadership class where they fell asleep or chatted while I spoke. Some were cruising the internet. I was going to take a photo with the camera on my cell phone to flash on the screen showing them what I saw when I spoke.

Anyway, for the most part, the evaluations were positive....but there was one......I asked the students to interview a leader after the group had decided together on 10 questions to pose. The papers were pretty good, but one student in the evaluation anonymously wrote that he/she made the paper up and did not interview anyone. first I was taken aback by the confession. Was this student looking for absolution? Then I got a bit miffed...what does that mean? Made up an interview? And admitting to it! It's not like the students did not have enough time to find someone at their clinical sites to speak to. It was more of not wanting to put themselves out because he or she did not see the merit of the course content. However....35% of their national test is based on this class. Therefore, I do not want anyone crying to me like they did when they flunked the final exam. I will have no pity. In fact, I question whether this is an ongoing process in college. In a classroom setting, are the students manufacturing case studies and interview papers? If so, there is no critical thinking and I really do not want them to have a college degree.

Yet, I believe that this is pervasive in our society as millenials are unable to communicate with anyone past their cell phones. Yesterday, Tink called me from her bed room. Really, Tink...really?

And now, for the rest of the day, I am going to ponder this entity and wonder what I can do about it as a pseudo clueless college professor....Would I have made up an interview in college? Perhaps....Would I admit to it? Uh, duh, Never! Therefore, they hide under the cloak of the internet and will not be good clinicians. After all, the heart of my profession is the communication process. if he or she cannot communicate face to face with their patients then we will have to put cell phones in their hands and have them text their patients.

Just a thought.....among many to to exercise!


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